First Letter From The MTC

The following letter was hand written and mailed to her family.

Dear Family,

          ¿Como Esta mi familia? First official letter of the mission! These last three days have been crazy in the MTC. I meant to write sooner but there has been no time. We have been kept very busy. So far everything has gone well. I have an amazing compenera, Hermana Woolf. She is the best! She is very prepared to be here, works hard, and easy to get along with. The two of us share a room with two other sisters who are also amazing. The four of us plus three elders make up a district and we spend almost all our time together in classes and other activities. I’ve truly been blessed to be put with an amazing group of people who I already love. We all got our calls at different times but we were all sent together at this time for a special purpose.

          While the people have been great the language has been very difficult. I pray every day for the gift of tongues to help me learn. After two days of language study we got to teach our first “investigator” and it was completely in español! Surprisingly, I understood him pretty well but speaking back is always much harder, but it went well I think. As someone mentioned today, we are babies in the language and they are babies in the gospel and together we can grow and progress. Love you guys so much. I hope all is well 🙂

         P.S. Also my preparation days at the MTC are on Thursdays so I will be emailing on Thursdays instead of Mondays.


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