Week Two at the MTC!

Hey Everybody,

Week two at the MTC! It’s been super awesome. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the craziness:) It finally snowed for the first time on Sunday. Not much, but I was super excited. I’ve forgotten how much I love the snow. I’m hoping for a white Christmas, but we shall see.
Secondly, they’ve been slowly expanding the MTC, so today we’ve been officially kicked out of our residence hall while they are working on construction near by. Lately, its been nice because its the off season at the MTC so there aren’t as many missionaries, especially in the residence halls. Currently I’ve been in a room that’s adequate for six people, but there has only been four of us, but now we are moving into a four person room and there will be six of us…I might have to live out of my suite case for the next month if there isn’t enough closet space, but we will see. Oh well ¡Qué Bendición! (What a blessing) that’s been the saying for everything in our district.
Anyway, besides that things are going great. I’ve been able to go to the Provo Temple on my preparation days and its been great. The temple is super pretty. We’ve also been able to hear from some great speakers which is also another great part of the MTC. We had the 2nd Counselor of the General Primary Presidency speak to us in our Relief Society meeting and we had a devotional by President Malm of the Seventy speak to us on Sunday. It was awesome. Also, rumor has it that one of the twelve apostles will be speaking on Christmas, I can’t wait.
Speaking of Christmas, I hope everyone is super excited. We’ve been talking a lot about Christmas lately and the importance of remembering what Christmas is really all about. We’ve been challenged to think about what our gift can be to the Savior, for it is his birthday after all. I extend the same invitation to you guys as well. I hope that you will all take time to really ponder Christ’s birth and pick something in your life that you can do better, or find someone that you can serve. I think the more that we give of ourselves, the more we can learn to be more like our Savior who was the greatest at serving others.
Lastly, I just want to say how much I love being a missionary! Often the MTC invites non-members to come in and let us teach them. So this week we were able to teach this guy named Jorge and he is amazing. He’s gone through so much hardship in this life and he is so humble. He had a lot of questions for us and it was hard, especially trying to express ourselves all in spanish, but what is truly amazing is how much love my companion and I were able to feel for him as we taught him. That is one of my favorite things about teaching people. It is sooo cool to not even really know a person very well but love them anyway because I know that God loves him and I can feel that love as we teach with the spirit.
I love all of you guys sooo much and I wish you all the best. Remember, we are never alone, we can always seek help when we need it.
 Until next week,
Hermana Marvian

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