Last Week at MTC


Hey Everyone!

So good news, my visa came in. I’m super excited it’s truly a miracle that it went through; I’m so glad everything worked out. That being said, it’s going to be a long flight. I leave around 6am Monday morning for the Salt Lake airport, then I’ll take a 6 hour plane ride to Atlanta Georgia, followed by an 12 hour flight to the capital of Buenos Aries in Argentina, followed by another 2 hour flight to my mission in Posadas. It’s going to be a long trip, but it will be lots of fun. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but all 7 of us in my district are going to  Argentina, but different missions(which is actually kind if rare) and so we will all get to travel together to at least the Buenos Aries airport, before going our separate ways, which is really nice. I’m so excited!
Anyway, but besides that not much to report. The Spanish is going decent, my companion and I finished up teaching the best investigator ever this week, and besides that I’ve just been getting everything ready for my departure. Sorry I don’t have much to write this week, its hard to remember everything that’s happened, its all gone by so quick. Haha, but I’m sure that I will have a lot to talk about next week. I can’t wait to tell everyone how everything is.
Also, thanks for those of you who have been writing me, you guys are awesome. I know that myself, and all the other missionaries love to hear from the people back home. I hope all is great and that everyone is enjoying the new year.
Hermana Marvian


1) This is most of our zone, we got another district with four more elders and three more sister but I don’t have a picture with them yet.
2) Super random picture, but Sister Jones’s mother always sends all of us super cool stuff. Here are some missionary Twinkies, haha super cute…Anyway, I thought it was cool.

One thought on “Last Week at MTC

  1. The trip to Atlanta is more than likely, but you are crossing two time zones and losing two hours, to it makes it look like 6 hours. The same thing happened when I flew to Chicago a few years ago. You will be leaving Winter behind and going to a much warmer place.

    Uncle Bruce Hamilton


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