Greetings From Paraguay

Hello Everyone!

Wow, it has been a crazy week, but it´s been an interesting adventure. So my travel to Argentina was an interesting experience. I left the mtc Monday morning and arrived in Posadas, Argentina on Tuesday night. We took our plane from Salt Lake to Georgia, which only ended up being 3 hours, and everthing was going smoothly until we were about to board the plane from Georgia to the capital of Buenos Aires and we found out that one of the Elders in my traveling group left his passport in his carry on bag which we ended up checking instead of taking it on the plane, however with the rush of everything, he forgot to take it out so he didn´t have it to board the plane. Anyways, to make a long story short, I was instructed to take the rest of our goup and leave him behind, so we left him behinded with pretty much nothing. It was really sad but we had no choice, but all is well now, he ended up coming on a different plane later. Secondly, when we arrived in Buenos Aires everyone in the airport ended up having to wait four hours for our bags because something about problems with the rain, I still don´t fully understand. But because of this we were an hour late to our plane to Posadas, but luckily the plane was running really late to so we were still able to get on, what a miracle. However, when we got to Posadas, it turned out that they  lost our lugage, it got left behind at the airport. Luckily they flew it in the next morning with the next flight, but still…it was interesting. So that was my plane adventure.

So after we arrived Tuesday evening we had to stay at the mission home for a couple of days to work on more visa paperwork and take care of other business. So thursday afternoon I was finally assigned to my new mission compainion, her name is Hermana Garcia and she is absolutley amazing. She is a great teacher, has a strong testimony, and trys super hard to serve and help our investigators and me. I coul´t ask for a better companion. She is from Mexico and speaks a little bit of English that she has learned from other companions on the mission. So it´s been interesting with how we try to communicate with each other, its kind of fun. Surpirsingly to me, I can actually understand alot more then I thought I would.

So anyway, my first area is actually in Pilar Paraguay! It is a beautiful place, super green. I´ll try to send pictures next time becuase my camera died earlier this week and I haven´t been able to take many. So my Mission President told me that Pilar is one of if not the hottest spot in the entire mission. So far, I believe him. Haha I´ve never sweated so much, been sunburned so much, and had this many mosquito bites in my life. But it´s all good, part of missionary work. It will pay off. What I do love about Pilar is the people. They are so kind and so humble. I love them already and I don´t even know them very well yet. Most of them live in very humble circumstances, but they try to do their best.

It´s been super diffuclt to understand the people however. The accent is very hard to understand. Plus spanish isn´t the only main language here. Most of the people also speak alot of guarani which is a tribal language unique to Paraguay. Half the time I´m not sure if they are speaking spanish or guarani. During lessons I usually can understand my companion when we teach but when an investigator says something, I´m totaly lost. It´s super difficult but I have learned something this week. Even though that it´s hard to speak spanish, the language of the spirit is universal. Even if all I can do is share my testimony and the truths that I know and allow the spirit to testify to people´s hearts, that´s all that matters. Most of the time when people look back at their experiences they remember more of what they felt then what was said. Things have been hard, it´s been hard being in a different culture, dealing with new circumstances, talking to random strangers every day, and learning the language. However, I have faith that God will help me do his work. We will always have difficult circumstances in this life, but when we put God first and trust in him, that´s when we make it possible for him to help us.

I love all of you guys,

Hermana Marvian


One thought on “Greetings From Paraguay

  1. Stick it out. All of a sudden one day you’ll be talking and it will just make sense. Took me about 3 months. As for guarani. I had a linguists professor at the University of cordoba tell me that it’s a language that in its core or basics, is related or similar to middle eastern languages such as aramaic, Hebrew and arabic.


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