Week #3 in South America (Pilar, Paraguay)

Hello Everybody,

Well, where to start? This week has been full of alot of ups and downs. We´ve been working with alot of great people this week, but we´ve also had to stop teaching several people this week and it´s been pretty sad. But all the ups and downs are just part of missionary work and I have alot of faith in the people here in Pilar.
But anyway, we had a great experience with one of our investigators this week. Her name is Nunilda and we actually met her last week while walking to an appointment. She was walking home with some groceries and we offered to help her out, so we walked and talked with her awhile and ended up teaching her a little bit about the Book of Mormorn and other things. Afterwards we set up a return appoinment with her. However, to make a long story short, we didn´t end up having that second appointment, but we decided to call her a couple of days ago and invite her to church. To our surprise she was super excited and really wanted to go to church, learn more, and meet some of the members(this was a miracle because nobody ever wants to go to church down here) anyway so she ended up coming to church with us and we had another lesson and things are going well, she is so great. She has had some rough times and her relationship at home with her husband isn´t that great right now, but as we´ve been talking with her I´ve just grown to love her so much already. She is really great and I know the gospel can help her. I can´t wait to visit her again.
As for the rest of the week, we´ve been kept really busy with appointments, but also other activities. I don´t know if I mentioned before but me and one of the Elders in our area teach an English church at the church on Thursday nights and that has been pretty fun, it´s a great way to interact more with members, find new people to teach, and help people have fun trying to learn english. Also, every week we have a branch activity with games and a short spiritual thought which is run by the missionaries. It´s usually lots of fun, but this week it started to rain super hard and so after our activity we all ended up stuck at the church for an extra hour to wait for the rain to let up(since most members walk to church and nobody wanted to make the long journey in the rain). Afterwards, my companion and I tried to carefully navigate through the flooded streets to make it home somewhat dry, we didn´t really exceed, but it was kind of fun.
Oh, we also got the chance to do a little service this week! I get super excited about this because we always offer to serve people, and everyone always declines. But we ended up taking an hour to help some kids with some yard work digging up grass and weeds that had overgrown into the street and in return the kids tried to teach me some guarani. There is no hope for me in that area I´m afraid, haha. We also helped another lady gather some firewood and chop it up with a machette knife(which was not an easy task, just so you all know), but it was really great. Plus we got to share a little of the gospel with them and had a return appointment which was great, but it was also just really great to do some service. I´ve also learned an important lesson that it´s very important to try to serve people, but just as important is to learn how to accept service. So next time a missionary, or anyone else asks to help with something, say yes. Anyway, out of time. More happened, but it will have to wait till next week.
Love you all,
Hermana Marvian
P.S I forgot to mention, I´m only allowed to receive two packages a year down here, so if you want to send me something, give it to my mom to send with my two packges(I hope that´s ok with you mom?)


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