The Weeks Are Flying By!

February 9, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

How is everybody? I hope all is well back home. As for me things have been going well. We´ve had some really great experiences with our investigators this week. Teaching lots and searching for more people to teach as always. We´ve been trying hard this week to focus on working alot with members. The whole mission´s goal right now is to work with members in every aspect of the work. The members here are great, I believe they have a true desire to help us in anyway they can, but it is difficult for them sometimes. It´s hard sometimes to get members to come out with us because alot of appointments are far away, plus work and other life events that get in the way, but we are trying harder to encourage members to participate more in the work. Another thing my Mission President told me was to try and help the branch be more organized and self-sufficient. In general the missionaries here play a big part in branches. We plan alot of the branch activities, teach the gospel principle´s class every week, and this week me and my companion taught young womens because the young women´s leader was out sick. So we are trying to really create strong members and help the branch especially, along with finding people to teach. But it´s been great.

The highlight of this week was our zone conference which we have once a month. We had it in San Ignacio which was about a two hour bus ride away. Our conference was on friday, but there were no buses going out friday morning so we actually left thursday and stayed in a hotel that night for our conference the next day. There were 18 missionaries there that made up our zone and we had the opportunity to talk alot about how we could be more effective missionaries. One of the things we talked about was the difference between teaching doctrine and teaching application. Many times it is easy to say for example that we don´t drink or smoke, explaining the aplication of the word of wisdom, but not explaining the why. Why don´t we do those things? Why do we go to church on sunday? When people truly understand the why or doctrine behind comandments, they are more likely to except them, understand them, and live them. I thought this was really good advice, and hopefully when I teach, I can focus more on the doctrine, then on application.

Besides that, not much to report. We are having divisions with our trainning leaders tomorrow and I´m super excited for that. I´ll have to tell you all how that goes next week. The only posible problem is that I´m going to have to find all of our appointments by myself since the other sisters won´t know the area, and let me just tell you that I have no gift for direction. Haha, I was really bad at finding things before my mission, but here there is no such thing as addresses, if you´re lucky a steet might have a name, but that´s as far as it goes. Different sections of the city have names, so for instance if we contact someone and ask where they live, they might say “oh I live in barrio san miguel, two streets over, left, and a right, and its the yellow house 2 houses down from the white one” Yep, it´s impossible. Luckily my companion has a divine gift for direction and we can always find everything, but there is no hope for me, but I´ll keep trying….

Until next time,

Hermana Marvian

P.S. I´m sorry that I still haven´t sent pictures. It´s a different problem every week, but I´ll try again next week.


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