Another Great Week in the Mission

February 23, 2015

Hello Everyone,

Another great week in Pilar. Transfers are this week but my companion and I are staying put so I´ll be in Pilar for at least another six weeks which is really great. There is still lots of things to do here, neither of us are ready to go yet. So woohoo, but in other news I got the chance to have an interview with my mission president this week which was super great. We usually have interviews every three months, but President Lapierre was passing through town to do some other church interviews and he was able to meet with us also. It was super great, he is truly an inspired man and we had a good conversation about my progress as a missionary and how I can best help the people here in Pilar.

And speaking of people in Pilar, we had some cool experiences with some of our investigators this week. We´ve been meeting with our investigator Catilino alot this week and we were able to teach him the word of wisdom, and it turns out that he drinks alot of coffee. However after talking with him, he told us how that it would be hard for him but he wanted to follow Christ completely. So he handed over his coffee to us and hasn´t had any since. It is super cool to see his faith. He is so awesome. But we also had a second experience with our investigator Antonio this week. We passed by his house on the way to another appointment and he wanted to talk to us for a few minutes. He started telling us how he had a bit of a drinking problem(we hadn´t talked to him at all about this before) but since he´s been meeting with us he hasn´t had the desire to drink at all and he feels different. Then later that same day we ran into his daughter that lives near by and she told us that she´s seen a difference in her father these last several days and wanted us to visit her and her family as well. It was super awesome to see how the spirit can work on people. Pretty cool miracles for the week.

As for everything else, all is going well. The work is moving along, some good days, some difficult days. My companion is super awesome and I´ve learned alot from her how to teach well and love people and she works so hard it´s crazy, but it´s been fun. Oh, and I gave another talk yesturday in church and this time was alot better then the last, a little more time to prepare and a little more spanish under my belt. Oh and I got to handwash my clothes for the first time today, we usually have a member do it for us each week, but this week she couldn´t so my companion taught me today how to do it myself. It was kind of fun, a different experience. But anyway, my spanish has gotten alot better and I can teach alot clearer now which is great. But other than that, I just look forward to another good week here in the mission.

Hermana Marvian


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