Last Week of the Transfer

Friends and Family,

This week has been filled with alot of ups and downs. We`ve been working really hard with people, but Satan is working just as hard. We had a couple days this week where we practically lost a good portion of our investigators. A couple people just aren`t intrested in our message anymore, two seperate investigators(One of which was super awesome) had preachers from their churches tell them that they weren´t allowed to talk to us anymore, one investigator that was super awesome but asked us to stop visiting him because his ex-wife doesn`t like the missionaries and as long as he talks to us she won`t let him see his kids, and another who wants to get baptized and was really progressing but is having some type of family problem and has stopped our discussions for the time being. I`m not sure of all the reasons this week, but they were many. But it`s kind of been sad.
However, on the bright side we`ve also found a couple of really awesome people this week, two of which came to church with us this past week. We`ve had some really awesome experiences with them, and although we´ve lost several people this week, our new investigators have made up for it and I`m really excited for them.
In other news it`s the last week of the transfer, so probably either my companion or I will be leaving Pilar next week. It`s probably going to be my companion, because she´s been here longer, but that doesn`t really mean anything here, it just depends. So hopefully my companion and I can have a really good awesome week to end this transfer, I have faith that this week will be a week of miracles.
Also, I gave another talk, not this past Sunday, but the week before about how missionary work and the Atonement of Jesus Christ is one great work and so I`ve been thinking about this lately. When we teach people about the gospel and invite them to keep commitments, we are really inviting them to repent and come unto Christ. Everything that we teach and do is only important because of the great work the Savior acomplished while he was in the earth. Our Savior Jesus Christ suffered and died for the sins and afflictions of the world so that we might have the opportunity to change, progress and return to live with God after this life. When we truely understand the power of the Atonement in our lives, our desire to share the gospel with others will increase, and we will have an increased power to help others understand this great work.
I love you guys, and hope that all is well.
Hermana Marvian
This is a picture from this past Friday for my birthday. My companion had bought and surprised be with this cake. I definitaly wasn`t expecting that. Woohoo! 20 years old…This year is going to be super awesome! (P.S I had to reset a couple of things on my camera a couple weeks ago and forgot to reset the date. But I promise this picture was taken this year, and not last. Haha, I think the other pictures I sent have the wrong date too…;(

Zone Conference and Miracles

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mbaech`epa (Hello/How are you in guarani- I think that’s spelled right?),

This week has been super great. We had a zone confrence in Encarnacion with our mission President and a couple different zones on the Paraguay side of the mission this past Friday. It was super awesome. We left thrursday night and took the 5 hour bus ride, slept in the church for a couple hours, spent most of the day listening to different awesome messages, and then returned home that night after another slightly long bus ride. Many different things were discussed in the conference, but one thing that really stuck out to me was about humility. President LaPierre talked about how humility was a key factor in success in our mission but also success in life. That it was important to thank God for all that we had and recognize his hand in the work, and recognize that all the great things we have are because of him. This is so true, we are nothing without God, and without his help, our progress in this life is limited. But with our Heavenly Father all things are possible.

I really liked that. And speaking of God`s hand in the work, we saw some cool miracles this week. We had this investigator that we were teaching back in January when I first arrived in Pilar. Her name is Sarah and she is super awesome and for awhile we were teaching her and things were going good, but some of her family members don`t really like the church and she was struggling with this and several other things. To shorten the story, after awhile we sadly decided to stop teaching her. But, anyway, this is the same person I mentioned last week who ended up coming to Catalino`s baptisim. We thought it was just becuase we invited her, but on Monday we went to visit Catalino and it turns out that Sarah was there also. It turns out that they are friends and he had also asked her to come to the baptisim. We ended up teaching both of them and Sarah was alot different then before, much more receptive to our teachings. I don`t know exactly how long, but it turns out that during the time we were teaching Catalino before his baptisim, he was sharing these things with Sarah and slowly softening her heart to be more receptive. It is super cool and really a miracle to me becuase it was during this time that we dropped Sarah that we found Catalino, but it was only after we helped Catalino, that we were able to help Sarah also, and so in this was God had created a plan to help both, and as of now Sarah has a date set for a baptisim in a couple weeks and I`m really excited for her. It`s super cool how God works to prepare people.

Love you guys!

Hermana Marvian

​This was last week when we went fishing. Elder Thorpe(From Utah), Elder Adman(From Paraguay), Hermana Garcia(Mexico), and I. I wish I had the pictures of the fish I caught, but it`s on one of the Elder`s cameras but I`ll try to get it.
​Here`s another picture of part of the river. Paraguay is really beautiful and I especially love all the green here, much better then the dry desert back home.

Missionary Adventures

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Monday, March 16, 2015


Hola, ¿Como Están?

Wow, alot has happened this week, and in truth it´s been a challenge in some ways, but we´ve also seen small miracles, and I know that God has a hand in every aspect of this work. This week was our monthly zone conference which was held in Pilar this time which was great, because we didn´t have alot of time taken away from proselyting. One of the main focuses was on goals and more importantly fulfilling goals. In the mission we are always setting and working towards our goals, but we were able to talk alot about how we can really focus on those goals and work steadily toward them. It was a super great meeting and afterwards we were able to do divisiones(splits) with our training leaders for the rest of the day on Tuesday and also Wednesday which was really great. Especially because while we are still working with some great people, we really need more people that can grow and progress and so with all four of us working in our area we were able to visit alot more people and also find alot of new people to visit that have potential which is really great. As we followed our plans we seemed to be in the right places at the right times to find a couple of these great people and my companion and I definitly felt like the Lord has helped and inspired us this week in our finding efforts, but also in general.
Plus the best part of the week was this past Saturday. Catalino was baptized and it was absolutley awesome. My companion and I were running around like crazy trying to prepare everything that morning, but everything ended up going super well and alot of members came out to support. It was super cool to watch his baptisim and to listen to him bare his testimony. The spirit was so strong and I´m so happy for him. He´s going to make a great leader in the church someday. I really can´t express how happy I am for him, truley it was a super awesome experience. Plus we had a couple investigators attend the baptisim also. We had actually run into a women that we had been teaching awhile ago but had stopped teaching for awhile, but when we ran into her we invited her to the baptisim and to our surprise she came and is interested in us teaching her again, which I´m excited about because she´s super awesome.
But anyway, yep a great week. Oh, and today for our preperation day we decided to go fishing with the Elders next to the river which was super fun. We didn´t have fishing poles or anything but we bought some fishing line and bait and used bottles and sticks that we found to use as reels. It was super cool and my companion and I both caught fish. They were just small fish and we ended up throughing them back in the river, but it was super cool because I´ve never been able to catch anything in my life. But anyway, that´s been an overview of my week. Oh missions are so great, so hard at times, but realy great. I´ve learned alot and have hopefully helped a couple people along the way. There really is no greater joy then the joy that comes from sharing the gospel and serving those around us.
I love you guys,

Motorcyles in Pilar, Paraguay/Another Great Week

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hello once again,

So this week has been pretty good. The investigator that I`ve been mentioning for awhile came to church again this past Sunday and passed his baptismal interview so everything is set for his baptisim this upcoming Saturday. I`m really excited for him, he is absolutly amazing and has alot of faith. He had an acident many years ago and injured his foot really bad, and so it`s really difficult for him to walk long distances, so we were trying to find another way for him to get to the church, which is about a 25minute walk from his house which isn`t to bad for us, but is very difficult for him. But when we talked with him about it he told us that he wanted to walk and make that small sacrifice for the Lord because it was important to him. How cool is that? I learned alot from him in that small moments. It was super cool.

Besides Catilino, we also had another investigator with baptismal plans for this Saturday, but we had to push back his date because he`s had some set-backs. But it`s ok because I have faith that things will work out for him. We also have several other great people we`ve been working with right now which is great, but we`ve been trying really hard this week to find more solid people to teach and it`s been a bit difficult. But on the bright side we had a couple of less-active members come to church again this week which is super great. Helping to bring people back to the church and strengthening our branch is also a big part of our mission and we`ve had alot more success with that this week. We also were able to help the Relief Society presidency coordinate an activity to help with visiting teaching, because it isn`t really functional in our branch right now, but the activity went really well and I have alot of hopes for this, especially because we really want to strengthen our new converts and less-actives in the branch and visiting teaching is a big part of this. It`s truly an inspired program, that when used can strengthen members spiritually and temporally. Through visiting teaching and home teaching we can make sure that every family and every member has a friend or other person that can help them when needed. Many times when we pray for help, it is through other people that prayers are answered. I hope that we can all find happiness when God is able to bless individuals through us and that we can take confidence in being instruments in the Lord`s hands.

I love you guys and hope things are going well!

Hermana Marvian

P.S. Fun fact of the week about Paragauy, or at least in Pilar. Everyone owns a motorcylce here, and I do me everyone. Many times I will see whole families riding down the steet on one little motorcycle. Dad in the front with a kid in his lap, mom in the back sitting side sadle with a kid in the middle and a baby in the mother`s arms hanging off the side as the family casually drives down the street. It`s very interesting…I`ve seen so many motorcylces, I think that when I return from my mission I`ll have to get one too…just kiding.

Fun Times In Paraguay

March 2, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

So, another fun, challenging, and inspiring week in the mission. This past sunday was super great. We had one of our investigators come to church again, so as long as he comes next week we should be having a baptisim the 14 of March. The rule for our mission is that a person has to attend church three times before their baptism, so one more week to go for Catilino. I`m so excited for him, he is the best. We`ve also been working with a couple other great people this week. We have a sixteen year old girl that we are teaching right now and she is super amazing too. We were actually teaching her mom first, but after a couple of lessons she wasn`t really interested, but her daughter, Georgina, was so we`ve been teaching her. She hasn`t come to church on Sunday yet, but she comes to our English class every week with a couple of her friends which is super awesome.  (I`m not sure if I mentioned her before in my other letters) She`s also been reading the Book of Mormon alot and said that she really likes it. Also, one of her friends that she brought to our English class is now interested in the church more too. We haven`t taught him yet, but Georgina convinced him to start reading the Book of Mormon and he really likes it too. So hopefully things will turn out good with them as well.
Along with our investigators we´ve been trying to work a lot with less active members of the church as well to help them strengthen their testimonies and come back to church. So this Sunday as well three of our less actives came to church and it was a miracle. All three haven`t been to church in years so it was a big deal but it was really cool to see and the members were very friendly and supportive.
Other than that, this week in general has been pretty good. Our adventure for the week however is that we haven`t had any water in our apartment for the last three days! This happened once before, but it was only for one morning, by mid afternoon we had water again. But this time has been different. It`s been three days and we were finally able to get in contact with the person incharge of our apartment and explain the problem. So we spoke with her and she said that she would work on it and get back to us…I don`t really know what that means but for now we are trying to make do. Yesturday, as we were walking around I was praying that either we would get water in our apartment, or that it would rain really hard so we could feel clean…Well we didn`t get water in the apartment but that afternoon it did start raining really hard and we were soaked. Next time I pray for rain I`ll make sure I carry soap so we can shower and walk to our appointments at the same time. Haha..joking…maybe. But today was alot better. We were able to use our neighbor`s bathroom to shower and also use some of her water to wash dishes and clean our apartment today, and we were able to buy more water for the house so we should be good for the next couple of days I think. Hopefully we will get water soon, but I haven´t been to worried. I`m sure that it will all work out. Plus, all the little things that go wrong on the mission are just fun stories to tell later right? Anyway, all is well. The work continues on.
Love you all,
Hermana Marvian