Fun Times In Paraguay

March 2, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

So, another fun, challenging, and inspiring week in the mission. This past sunday was super great. We had one of our investigators come to church again, so as long as he comes next week we should be having a baptisim the 14 of March. The rule for our mission is that a person has to attend church three times before their baptism, so one more week to go for Catilino. I`m so excited for him, he is the best. We`ve also been working with a couple other great people this week. We have a sixteen year old girl that we are teaching right now and she is super amazing too. We were actually teaching her mom first, but after a couple of lessons she wasn`t really interested, but her daughter, Georgina, was so we`ve been teaching her. She hasn`t come to church on Sunday yet, but she comes to our English class every week with a couple of her friends which is super awesome.  (I`m not sure if I mentioned her before in my other letters) She`s also been reading the Book of Mormon alot and said that she really likes it. Also, one of her friends that she brought to our English class is now interested in the church more too. We haven`t taught him yet, but Georgina convinced him to start reading the Book of Mormon and he really likes it too. So hopefully things will turn out good with them as well.
Along with our investigators we´ve been trying to work a lot with less active members of the church as well to help them strengthen their testimonies and come back to church. So this Sunday as well three of our less actives came to church and it was a miracle. All three haven`t been to church in years so it was a big deal but it was really cool to see and the members were very friendly and supportive.
Other than that, this week in general has been pretty good. Our adventure for the week however is that we haven`t had any water in our apartment for the last three days! This happened once before, but it was only for one morning, by mid afternoon we had water again. But this time has been different. It`s been three days and we were finally able to get in contact with the person incharge of our apartment and explain the problem. So we spoke with her and she said that she would work on it and get back to us…I don`t really know what that means but for now we are trying to make do. Yesturday, as we were walking around I was praying that either we would get water in our apartment, or that it would rain really hard so we could feel clean…Well we didn`t get water in the apartment but that afternoon it did start raining really hard and we were soaked. Next time I pray for rain I`ll make sure I carry soap so we can shower and walk to our appointments at the same time. Haha..joking…maybe. But today was alot better. We were able to use our neighbor`s bathroom to shower and also use some of her water to wash dishes and clean our apartment today, and we were able to buy more water for the house so we should be good for the next couple of days I think. Hopefully we will get water soon, but I haven´t been to worried. I`m sure that it will all work out. Plus, all the little things that go wrong on the mission are just fun stories to tell later right? Anyway, all is well. The work continues on.
Love you all,
Hermana Marvian

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