Motorcyles in Pilar, Paraguay/Another Great Week

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hello once again,

So this week has been pretty good. The investigator that I`ve been mentioning for awhile came to church again this past Sunday and passed his baptismal interview so everything is set for his baptisim this upcoming Saturday. I`m really excited for him, he is absolutly amazing and has alot of faith. He had an acident many years ago and injured his foot really bad, and so it`s really difficult for him to walk long distances, so we were trying to find another way for him to get to the church, which is about a 25minute walk from his house which isn`t to bad for us, but is very difficult for him. But when we talked with him about it he told us that he wanted to walk and make that small sacrifice for the Lord because it was important to him. How cool is that? I learned alot from him in that small moments. It was super cool.

Besides Catilino, we also had another investigator with baptismal plans for this Saturday, but we had to push back his date because he`s had some set-backs. But it`s ok because I have faith that things will work out for him. We also have several other great people we`ve been working with right now which is great, but we`ve been trying really hard this week to find more solid people to teach and it`s been a bit difficult. But on the bright side we had a couple of less-active members come to church again this week which is super great. Helping to bring people back to the church and strengthening our branch is also a big part of our mission and we`ve had alot more success with that this week. We also were able to help the Relief Society presidency coordinate an activity to help with visiting teaching, because it isn`t really functional in our branch right now, but the activity went really well and I have alot of hopes for this, especially because we really want to strengthen our new converts and less-actives in the branch and visiting teaching is a big part of this. It`s truly an inspired program, that when used can strengthen members spiritually and temporally. Through visiting teaching and home teaching we can make sure that every family and every member has a friend or other person that can help them when needed. Many times when we pray for help, it is through other people that prayers are answered. I hope that we can all find happiness when God is able to bless individuals through us and that we can take confidence in being instruments in the Lord`s hands.

I love you guys and hope things are going well!

Hermana Marvian

P.S. Fun fact of the week about Paragauy, or at least in Pilar. Everyone owns a motorcylce here, and I do me everyone. Many times I will see whole families riding down the steet on one little motorcycle. Dad in the front with a kid in his lap, mom in the back sitting side sadle with a kid in the middle and a baby in the mother`s arms hanging off the side as the family casually drives down the street. It`s very interesting…I`ve seen so many motorcylces, I think that when I return from my mission I`ll have to get one too…just kiding.


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