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Monday, March 16, 2015


Hola, ¿Como Están?

Wow, alot has happened this week, and in truth it´s been a challenge in some ways, but we´ve also seen small miracles, and I know that God has a hand in every aspect of this work. This week was our monthly zone conference which was held in Pilar this time which was great, because we didn´t have alot of time taken away from proselyting. One of the main focuses was on goals and more importantly fulfilling goals. In the mission we are always setting and working towards our goals, but we were able to talk alot about how we can really focus on those goals and work steadily toward them. It was a super great meeting and afterwards we were able to do divisiones(splits) with our training leaders for the rest of the day on Tuesday and also Wednesday which was really great. Especially because while we are still working with some great people, we really need more people that can grow and progress and so with all four of us working in our area we were able to visit alot more people and also find alot of new people to visit that have potential which is really great. As we followed our plans we seemed to be in the right places at the right times to find a couple of these great people and my companion and I definitly felt like the Lord has helped and inspired us this week in our finding efforts, but also in general.
Plus the best part of the week was this past Saturday. Catalino was baptized and it was absolutley awesome. My companion and I were running around like crazy trying to prepare everything that morning, but everything ended up going super well and alot of members came out to support. It was super cool to watch his baptisim and to listen to him bare his testimony. The spirit was so strong and I´m so happy for him. He´s going to make a great leader in the church someday. I really can´t express how happy I am for him, truley it was a super awesome experience. Plus we had a couple investigators attend the baptisim also. We had actually run into a women that we had been teaching awhile ago but had stopped teaching for awhile, but when we ran into her we invited her to the baptisim and to our surprise she came and is interested in us teaching her again, which I´m excited about because she´s super awesome.
But anyway, yep a great week. Oh, and today for our preperation day we decided to go fishing with the Elders next to the river which was super fun. We didn´t have fishing poles or anything but we bought some fishing line and bait and used bottles and sticks that we found to use as reels. It was super cool and my companion and I both caught fish. They were just small fish and we ended up throughing them back in the river, but it was super cool because I´ve never been able to catch anything in my life. But anyway, that´s been an overview of my week. Oh missions are so great, so hard at times, but realy great. I´ve learned alot and have hopefully helped a couple people along the way. There really is no greater joy then the joy that comes from sharing the gospel and serving those around us.
I love you guys,

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