Last Week of the Transfer

Friends and Family,

This week has been filled with alot of ups and downs. We`ve been working really hard with people, but Satan is working just as hard. We had a couple days this week where we practically lost a good portion of our investigators. A couple people just aren`t intrested in our message anymore, two seperate investigators(One of which was super awesome) had preachers from their churches tell them that they weren´t allowed to talk to us anymore, one investigator that was super awesome but asked us to stop visiting him because his ex-wife doesn`t like the missionaries and as long as he talks to us she won`t let him see his kids, and another who wants to get baptized and was really progressing but is having some type of family problem and has stopped our discussions for the time being. I`m not sure of all the reasons this week, but they were many. But it`s kind of been sad.
However, on the bright side we`ve also found a couple of really awesome people this week, two of which came to church with us this past week. We`ve had some really awesome experiences with them, and although we´ve lost several people this week, our new investigators have made up for it and I`m really excited for them.
In other news it`s the last week of the transfer, so probably either my companion or I will be leaving Pilar next week. It`s probably going to be my companion, because she´s been here longer, but that doesn`t really mean anything here, it just depends. So hopefully my companion and I can have a really good awesome week to end this transfer, I have faith that this week will be a week of miracles.
Also, I gave another talk, not this past Sunday, but the week before about how missionary work and the Atonement of Jesus Christ is one great work and so I`ve been thinking about this lately. When we teach people about the gospel and invite them to keep commitments, we are really inviting them to repent and come unto Christ. Everything that we teach and do is only important because of the great work the Savior acomplished while he was in the earth. Our Savior Jesus Christ suffered and died for the sins and afflictions of the world so that we might have the opportunity to change, progress and return to live with God after this life. When we truely understand the power of the Atonement in our lives, our desire to share the gospel with others will increase, and we will have an increased power to help others understand this great work.
I love you guys, and hope that all is well.
Hermana Marvian
This is a picture from this past Friday for my birthday. My companion had bought and surprised be with this cake. I definitaly wasn`t expecting that. Woohoo! 20 years old…This year is going to be super awesome! (P.S I had to reset a couple of things on my camera a couple weeks ago and forgot to reset the date. But I promise this picture was taken this year, and not last. Haha, I think the other pictures I sent have the wrong date too…;(

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