President Dallin H. Oaks Spoke/New Companion

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hola Todos, ¿Qué Tal?

So this week has been another big adventure. I think this time I`ll give a little summary of my week by explainning a little bit about each day.
Monday: Our mission president informed us Monday night that he had made the arrangments for my companion and we were to report to Posadas Wednesday afternoon.
Tuesday: We had a super awesome zone conference in Pilar were the main theme was about listening to the spirit and the importance of the Holy Ghost in the work. The scriptures teach that the spirit will tell us all things that we need to do, and that is so true. The spirit is what changes hearts and brings about miracles in the lives of people, nothing else.
Also, afterwards we finished out our day by doing splits with our sister trainning leaders where we tried to visit as many people as we could since we were leaving our area for a little while. So, luckily we had some help and it was super great, and our leaders are super awesome.
Wednesday: We arrived in Encarnacion early wednesday morning and were able to cross the boarder into Posadas my early afternoon. Then my mission president, his wife, and my companion and I went to the airport and said goodbye to my companion (I`ve also recently heard word that she`s doing ok and she made it home safely). So after dropping her off we picked up another pair of sisters, Hermana Gomez and Hermana Finlinson (turns out Hermana Gomez was going home too). So the three of us became a trio for the day and we spent the night in the mission home which was kinda fun.
Thursday: Hermana Gomez was sent home. Then I was able to have an interview with my mission President and it was super great, he truely is an inspired man. And finally, I went back to the area with Hermana Finlinson in Corpus Argentina and got to do splits with her for the rest of the day in Argentina. We had some great experiences there also and it was really cool to spend some time with Hermana Finlinson because she was the last missionary in Pilar before me, so we had lots to talk about.
Friday: Hermana Finlinson and I headed back to Posadas for a mission conference where President Dallin H. Oaks spoke with our mission and the Restistencias Mission(I don`t think that`s spelt right) in Argentina where he talked alot about receiving personal revelation and the importance of recognizing how we receive revelation. He was sent to talk to the other mission in particular because of what happened with one of the missionaries over there, but our mission was invited to listen too and it was a really good experience. Then afterwards we were able to meet our new companions…My new companion is Hermana Ibañez. She`s from Columbia, and she will be finishing up her mission this next transfer. She`s pretty cool and she trys to share the gospel with absolutley everybody, which is super great.
Saturday: We made it back to Pilar in the early afternoon and were able to visit varies people and catch up with the work a little bit.
Sunday: We had one of our less-active families come to church with us. I was so happy. They`ve only been members for a couple years, but they went active soon after their conversion, but now after we`ve met with them a couple time in the last two weeks, they have expressed their desires to come back fully to the church, and their 9yr old son has a baptismal date in a couple weeks so we`ve been working closely with him, teaching all the lessons and strengthening the family. Also, we met this 18yr girl who was out sitting on her porch while we were passing by. So we sat down with her hand started talking, shared some scriptures from the Book of Mormon, and had a really good experience. The spirit was super strong and when we gave her a Book of Mormon to keep she was super happy. It was super awesome.
So, that was an overview of my week. Love you guys,
Hermana Marvian

My Companion’s Going Home

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey everybody,

This week has been interesting. Our trip to Posadas went from a day trip to a three day trip. Hermana Palacio was able to talk with our mission President and they decided that they were going to try one last attempt to find medicine that would actually help her. So this was Tuesday, and we stayed over night with some of the other sisters in Posadas while we waited to see if this other type of medicine that she recieved would have an effect on her…But, not surprisingly, it didn´t work, so we ended up spending most of Wednesday waiting to try to have a phone appointment with a doctor over the phone which never happened. So thursday, our mission president and his wife took us back across the boarder into Paraguay where he was conducting interviews with the missionaries in Encarnacion and we finally got ahold of a doctor. During these three days we were also able to do splits with the sisters in Encarnacion and Posadas which was super great and I got to see my trainer again who is currently in Posadas. It had only been a week but it was cool seeing her again. But anyway, to make a long story a bit shorter, a lot happened over the course of those three days and after my companion talked with a doctor, the diagnostic was that she needed to go home and take some medications that aren´t allowed on the mission…So, as of right now she is back with me in Pilar and we are waiting for word from our mission president. It´s a bit of a long process trying to make all of the arrangments for her to go home, and also arrangments with me. I don´t know if I´ll be put in a trio and have to abandon my area, or there is also a chance put with a sister who is serving a mini mission right now, and having to train her. I really don´t know, nothing is set right now, so we will just have to wait and see.
These last couple of days have been a bit hard. Now that my companion knows she will be going home, it´s been hard to keep her going and I kind of feel that I´m dragging her around everywhere I go. Plus, I don´t really know how I feel about her leaving. Part of me feels like this is the right thing and was supposed to happen, but another part of me feels guilty like I was trusted to help her out, and I let her down and didn´t do what I was supposed to do. But, we can´t go back now, what´s done is done, and this next week should be another interesting one.
 As for the work in Pilar, it´s been moving along. We´ve been focusing a lot on a couple of less-active part member families, so hopefully we can help them come back to church and help their kids get baptized. One of these families came to church for the first time this past Sunday and it was super great, so I have a lot of hope for them.
Anyway hope everyone is having a good week,
Hermana Marvian

First Week of the New Transfer

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hey Everybody,

Well this week has been an interesting one with transfers. We left for our 5-6hr bus ride to Encarnacion tuesday night for transfers. While in Encarnacion I also had to do some paperwork for my visa, or not really paperwork, I just had to take a quick train ride across the boarder into Argentina, have them stamp my passport that I left the country, and then reenter the country once again. I don´t know all the rules exactly, but I don´t have my full visa yet, so every 90 days I have to leave and re-enter the country to keep my paperwork updated or something like that. But all was good. As for my new companion, this week has definitly been interesting. Her name is Hermana Palacio, she’s 23yrs, is from Northern Argentina, has been on her mission for 9 months now, and is super awesome. She has a strong testimony and teaches really well and we´ve had some good moments this week. However, it´s also been extremely hard. One, is just the adjustment and trying to help her get used to the area and help her get confortable with the members and our investigators. But, it’s also been difficult because Hermana Palacio has several health challenges that have made it super difficult. In general, she´s had a pretty tough mission and about three months ago she was super close to going home, but decided to stick it out and she´s been doing better. So I figured that these next 6 weeks will be difficult, but I think that we can pull through, and I´ve tried to be extremley patient and loving this week. However, she mentioned that she wants to have a meeting with our mission president to talk about how she´s been doing and possible go home. We are heading back to Encarnacion tonight and then Posadas for an interview with President LaPierre tomorrow for guidence. I feel super bad because it´s only been a week and I think everything´s been going well, but after talking with my companion it seems that it´s been something on her mind the whole time. Oh, I really hope she decides to stay, but we will see…But that´s my news for the week. Other than my companion, in general these last couple weeks have been kind of difficult for the work, but it´s still been good and we´ve had lots of good experiences. Hopefully I can have more good experiences with my new companion, that is if she decides to stay…
​I promised pictures and these are from last week for Easter for our branch night each week. We are in charge of planning these each week and so we always share or plan some type of spiritual message and then play games or do other activities. So for Easter we had everyone paint eggs. This isn´t actually a tradition in Paraguay, most of them had never heard of this, but we decided it would be fun and it turned out to be a great success.


​Tracting in the rain, love it! No really, I love the rain…I´m sure I´ll get used to it eventually and hate it, but for now it´s kinda fun.

This is a picture of my companion and I with our branch president and his family. They are the best!



Hermana Marvian

Transfers and General Conference

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hola Todos,

¿Cómo están? Esta semana ha sido muy bueno y nosotros trabajamos con muchos buenos personas en estos días. Pero, esta semana fue muy especial también porque conferencia general. Es bueno saber que tenemos un profeta en la tierra hoy a ayudarnos en estas días. Estoy muy agradecida por las cosas aprendí y espero todos pueden estudiar las palabras de los profetas y obtener revelación por si mismos. Yo vi parte de la conferencia en español y parte en ingles y fue muy bueno. Yo recibí mucho revelación y realmente la conferencia fue muy pu rete (Cool in Paraguay).
Plus, what made it extra special was that we had one of our investigators that we´ve been working with come to watch conference and he actually attended all four sessions. His name is Edgar and he is super awesome. He has alot of different challenges in his life right now that we are working with right now, but it´s been super awesome and I´m excited to see the changes in his life through the gospel. Another investigator we´ve been working with is Miguel. He´s super smart and super humble, overall super awesome. However, it´s been a challenge with him. He´s a very strong Jehova´s witness and he has alot of questions for us and pretty much questions everything we say, but he has been reading the Book of Mormon and slowly he´s been changing and he really has a lot of good questions for us and I think actually wants to know if it´s true. Hopefully we will have some good experiences with him. It´s actually surprising that he let us teach him in the first place. I mentioned before that here the predominant religion is Catholic, followed by Evangelicists, follewed by a strong number of Jehova´s witnesses. So we run into quite a few, but most just want to argue with us. But anyway, he´s super cool and in general this week has been better then last.
Also, transfers are here. So I was right, I will be staying in Pilar for at least another 6 weeks and Hermana Garcia will be heading out to Posadas Argentina. So I guess this is goodbye to my trainner for now, but it should be super great. We will be taking a bus around midnight tommorrow to head to Encarnacion for transfers, there we will quickly switch and then I´ll hopefully be back in Pilar Wednesday afternoon to make our appointments with people. I don´t know much about my new companion yet, all that I know is she´s from Argentina, but it should be a grand new adventure.
Hermana Marvian
P.S I have more pictures, but there wasn´t enough time, so I´ll try to send some next week.