Transfers and General Conference

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hola Todos,

¿Cómo están? Esta semana ha sido muy bueno y nosotros trabajamos con muchos buenos personas en estos días. Pero, esta semana fue muy especial también porque conferencia general. Es bueno saber que tenemos un profeta en la tierra hoy a ayudarnos en estas días. Estoy muy agradecida por las cosas aprendí y espero todos pueden estudiar las palabras de los profetas y obtener revelación por si mismos. Yo vi parte de la conferencia en español y parte en ingles y fue muy bueno. Yo recibí mucho revelación y realmente la conferencia fue muy pu rete (Cool in Paraguay).
Plus, what made it extra special was that we had one of our investigators that we´ve been working with come to watch conference and he actually attended all four sessions. His name is Edgar and he is super awesome. He has alot of different challenges in his life right now that we are working with right now, but it´s been super awesome and I´m excited to see the changes in his life through the gospel. Another investigator we´ve been working with is Miguel. He´s super smart and super humble, overall super awesome. However, it´s been a challenge with him. He´s a very strong Jehova´s witness and he has alot of questions for us and pretty much questions everything we say, but he has been reading the Book of Mormon and slowly he´s been changing and he really has a lot of good questions for us and I think actually wants to know if it´s true. Hopefully we will have some good experiences with him. It´s actually surprising that he let us teach him in the first place. I mentioned before that here the predominant religion is Catholic, followed by Evangelicists, follewed by a strong number of Jehova´s witnesses. So we run into quite a few, but most just want to argue with us. But anyway, he´s super cool and in general this week has been better then last.
Also, transfers are here. So I was right, I will be staying in Pilar for at least another 6 weeks and Hermana Garcia will be heading out to Posadas Argentina. So I guess this is goodbye to my trainner for now, but it should be super great. We will be taking a bus around midnight tommorrow to head to Encarnacion for transfers, there we will quickly switch and then I´ll hopefully be back in Pilar Wednesday afternoon to make our appointments with people. I don´t know much about my new companion yet, all that I know is she´s from Argentina, but it should be a grand new adventure.
Hermana Marvian
P.S I have more pictures, but there wasn´t enough time, so I´ll try to send some next week.

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