First Week of the New Transfer

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hey Everybody,

Well this week has been an interesting one with transfers. We left for our 5-6hr bus ride to Encarnacion tuesday night for transfers. While in Encarnacion I also had to do some paperwork for my visa, or not really paperwork, I just had to take a quick train ride across the boarder into Argentina, have them stamp my passport that I left the country, and then reenter the country once again. I don´t know all the rules exactly, but I don´t have my full visa yet, so every 90 days I have to leave and re-enter the country to keep my paperwork updated or something like that. But all was good. As for my new companion, this week has definitly been interesting. Her name is Hermana Palacio, she’s 23yrs, is from Northern Argentina, has been on her mission for 9 months now, and is super awesome. She has a strong testimony and teaches really well and we´ve had some good moments this week. However, it´s also been extremely hard. One, is just the adjustment and trying to help her get used to the area and help her get confortable with the members and our investigators. But, it’s also been difficult because Hermana Palacio has several health challenges that have made it super difficult. In general, she´s had a pretty tough mission and about three months ago she was super close to going home, but decided to stick it out and she´s been doing better. So I figured that these next 6 weeks will be difficult, but I think that we can pull through, and I´ve tried to be extremley patient and loving this week. However, she mentioned that she wants to have a meeting with our mission president to talk about how she´s been doing and possible go home. We are heading back to Encarnacion tonight and then Posadas for an interview with President LaPierre tomorrow for guidence. I feel super bad because it´s only been a week and I think everything´s been going well, but after talking with my companion it seems that it´s been something on her mind the whole time. Oh, I really hope she decides to stay, but we will see…But that´s my news for the week. Other than my companion, in general these last couple weeks have been kind of difficult for the work, but it´s still been good and we´ve had lots of good experiences. Hopefully I can have more good experiences with my new companion, that is if she decides to stay…
​I promised pictures and these are from last week for Easter for our branch night each week. We are in charge of planning these each week and so we always share or plan some type of spiritual message and then play games or do other activities. So for Easter we had everyone paint eggs. This isn´t actually a tradition in Paraguay, most of them had never heard of this, but we decided it would be fun and it turned out to be a great success.


​Tracting in the rain, love it! No really, I love the rain…I´m sure I´ll get used to it eventually and hate it, but for now it´s kinda fun.

This is a picture of my companion and I with our branch president and his family. They are the best!



Hermana Marvian


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