First Week in Encarnacion

Monday, May 25, 2015//

My First Week Serving in Encarnacion!

Hello, everybody. I hope all is going well back in the states. This week has been super great, I love Encarnacion and I`m super excited to be able to meet and teach the people here. My new companion Hermana Nethercott is from Wyoming and this is her last transfer in the mission before she`ll be heading back home, but I`m super excited for the time that we have to work together. She`s super awesome and super hardworking and I have faith that we are going to see alot of miracles this transfer.

As for the branch, I was able to get to know the branch president and his family this past week and they are super great, and do so much for the church. Our branch is really small, but it has alot of potential and I`ve been talking alot with my companion on how we can really work well with members to get the area progressing more, so we will see how our plans work out, but we`ll see. God definitley has a plan for the people here, and I`m happy to be apart of it.

This week we`ve been doing alot of contacting, finding people to teach, but we`ve also been working with some really great people. We are working with Rosi right now who has a couple of kids that are nearly full grown, but she`s been talking with us alot about how she can help her kids make good choices and raise them right. So we`ve been talking to her alot how the gospel of Jesus Christ really blesses families. That through our faith we can learn and grow together in the family, through repentance we can foster more love and unity between members, through baptism we can remember our covenants with God and grow together in one purpose, through the gift of the holy ghost we can always have a guide to help us choose the right, and as we perserver and serve one another we can build happy, strong families. I have a strong testimony that this is true. Only through the gospel of Jesus Christ can we really be truely happy.

On a seperate note, missions are great, there are lots of great spiritual experiences and opportunities to grow personally and to help others grow. But there are also lots of other random things or funny things that always happen too. This week we were teaching this lady in her mid 30s that we`ve been working with for a little while when her drunk father came in and wanted to join in on the lesson. He started telling us about his life story and before we new it him and his other friend pulled out guitars and started serenading us with some type of gospel music. Haha, we escaped as soon as we could, and I think our investigator was a little embarassed for her father, but it was pretty funny. We have another lesson with her later this week so we`ll see how it goes.

But anyway, things are going good here in my new area, I am going to miss Pilar a bit. I`m going to miss walking down the steet and seeing a motorcycle/car pass by and a minute later an old man in a horse pulled wagon trudging along the same steet, or teaching a lesson to a less-active family, but having a hard time hearing them because there are a whole bunch of growling monkies in the background, or the time that I got chased by cows…did I share that story? Anyway, I`m sure that Encarnacion is filled with all kinds of other experiences, and most importantly with lots of opportunities to share the gospel.

Love you all,

Hermana Marvian


Transfers! (and Monkey holding Book of Mormon haha)

May 18, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, the news is in, transfers have come once again and this time I´m headed somewhere new. I´ll be working in Encarnacion, Paraguay in Branch 3 with Hermana Nethercott. I´ve actually already met my new companion a couple of weeks ago and she´s super great, so I´m excited to be able to work with her. When I was passing back and forth to and from Posadas several times over the course of this transfer, we stayed in their apartment with her and her companion a couple times so I got the chance to get to know her a little. I know that she´s from the U.S. but I can´t remember what state right now. The hardest part about this transfer is definitly going to be trying not to speak english. None of my companions up to this point have spoken english so I haven´t had to worry about the temptation, and I´ve learned alot. So this time will be different, but it should be great. However, besides my companion, I´m excited and scared to go to Encarnacion. I´m going to miss all of the people her in Pilar that I consider family, but I know that the Lord has more plans for me and the people in Encarnacion. Plus it should be interesting, because Pilar is a pretty good size town and we have a pretty big area which took me a long time to learn. Now I´ll be in Encarnacion which is a pretty big city, with an area that is ten times as big…but it should be good.
But anyway, this week has been good. Mother´s day was this past Friday in Paraguay which was kinda fun, and we helped the branch with a fun activity for all the families in the church. It was also Independence Day in Paragauy(14 May) which was cool. They had a big parade that ended in a large park in our area, so we made plans to go contacting in the park were tons and tons of families were passing by. It was a little intimidating at first, different then the calm Paraguay that I´m used to, but it was good and we were able to contact a tone of people and set up appointments to go visit them this next week, so hopefully that will all go well.

​ Here is a photo of my companionion and I with one of the daughters of the Berdejo family that we had lunch with on Independence day.


​An investigator that we were visiting who has a pet monkey. If our investigator doesn´t read the Book of Mormon, maybe their monkey will. Haha

Love you guys,
Hermana Marvian

Last Week of Transfer/Skype with Mom

Monday, May 11, 2015

¿Como están?

This week is the last week in the transfer. Next Monday I should know if I´ll be staying in Pilar or going to a different area, although odds are that I´ll be leaving, but we will see. As for this past week, it´s gone pretty well, the highlight being my skype call with my mom for mother´s day. For all the mothers, I just want to say that I hope you all had a Super Awesome Mother´s Day. Thanks for all that you all do!
This week we met Yeni. She´s a single mom and has two beautiful children. I past her house a while ago with my other companion and talked to her daughters and gave them Jesus photos which they were super excited about. But anyway, we were in the area so we decided to stop by and try contacting them again and Yeni was there and we were able to have a lesson with her and share some verses from the Book of Mormon. It was super cool and the spirit was super strong. Then, we stopped by a couple days later and had another lesson with her. She told us that the scriptures that we had shared with her last week were perfect, and seemed to be just for her. We were able to talk more with her and I have faith that she can really progress and I look forward to meeting with her again this week.
One of my favorite things about being a missionary is when we are able to have really great lessons that are led by the spirit. It´s the spirit that changes people and not us and I love when I know that the spirit is working through me to touch other people´s lives. This week we´ve had several experiences with both investigators and less-active members where we´ve had some really touching experiences.
I love Paraguay, I love the people here, and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ which is the only way there is to really be happy in this life and have eternal life in the next. I´m so grateful for the blessings that I´ve had at the hand of God, and the knowledge that he loves me. If there is anyone that has doubts, they need only experiment upon the word and read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it´s true. The Book of Mormon is true, a prophet of God really does exist on the earth today, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church.
I Love all of you guys. Hope everyone has a good week. Don´t forget to make good choices. Remember that by small means are great things brought to pass.
Hermana Marvian


This is a picture of a family home evening activity that we did with one of our less-active families that we´ve been working with, the Velazco Family, and our branch president and his family. We had a super cool lesson about temples and eternal families. It was great. Oh, and on the bottom right in blue is my new companion Hermana Ibañez.

P.S I tried to resend the photos from last week but I couldn´t get them to work;(


May 4, 2015


This week we´ve had varies good experiences with both members and investigators. On Thursday we had lunch with our District President and his family along with the Elders also. Afterwards, they wanted us to talk to their 22yr old daughter who has been thinking about serving a mission but has been a little scared and couldn´t quite make a decision. So the four of us talked with her, shared some of our own expeirences about choosing to serve and varies other things and it was super cool and the spirit was incredibly strong. Afterwards, she told us that she knew what she had to do and knew that she needed to serve. It was a super sweet experience and strengthened my testimony too.
We also had some good experiences with service this week. We´ve decided to try and make service a bigger part of our week so this past Tuesday we were able to do some yard work for our Branch President which was super awesome. We were also able to offer him some encouraging words since he´s been feeling the wait of his calling alot in these past couple of weeks. We assured him that God knows our weaknesses when he calls us to his work. But, when we are set apart, he gives us the capacity to fulfil our callings and can strengthen us to complete the things that we need to acomplish. This is something I´ve learned alot for myself on my mission. I definitly have plenty of weaknessess, but with God´s help I can complete all the things that I need to accomplish.
Besides the experience with our branch president, we also helped clean out part of the house of one of our less-actives we´ve been working with. We got some of the young men in our branch to come help us out too and it turned out to be a super cool experience and alot of fun too. It´s cool to see members come together and help out other people, especially the youth.
We´ve also met some really great people this past week that I´m excited to be working with and I´m sure that things will go well. There have been several large set-backs as well, but it´s been a good week and we´ve pushed through.
Hermana Marvian