May 4, 2015


This week we´ve had varies good experiences with both members and investigators. On Thursday we had lunch with our District President and his family along with the Elders also. Afterwards, they wanted us to talk to their 22yr old daughter who has been thinking about serving a mission but has been a little scared and couldn´t quite make a decision. So the four of us talked with her, shared some of our own expeirences about choosing to serve and varies other things and it was super cool and the spirit was incredibly strong. Afterwards, she told us that she knew what she had to do and knew that she needed to serve. It was a super sweet experience and strengthened my testimony too.
We also had some good experiences with service this week. We´ve decided to try and make service a bigger part of our week so this past Tuesday we were able to do some yard work for our Branch President which was super awesome. We were also able to offer him some encouraging words since he´s been feeling the wait of his calling alot in these past couple of weeks. We assured him that God knows our weaknesses when he calls us to his work. But, when we are set apart, he gives us the capacity to fulfil our callings and can strengthen us to complete the things that we need to acomplish. This is something I´ve learned alot for myself on my mission. I definitly have plenty of weaknessess, but with God´s help I can complete all the things that I need to accomplish.
Besides the experience with our branch president, we also helped clean out part of the house of one of our less-actives we´ve been working with. We got some of the young men in our branch to come help us out too and it turned out to be a super cool experience and alot of fun too. It´s cool to see members come together and help out other people, especially the youth.
We´ve also met some really great people this past week that I´m excited to be working with and I´m sure that things will go well. There have been several large set-backs as well, but it´s been a good week and we´ve pushed through.
Hermana Marvian


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