Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Buenos Dias,

Hope everyone has had an awesome week and doing ok. As for me things have been going good. I`m writing a day late because I had to go to Asuncion Paragauy yesturday with several other missionaries to do some visa paperwork so I wasn`t able write yesturday, but I`m here now and everything went really well. My day included a lot of waiting around just to sign a paper and take a picture, but on the bright side we got to visit the temple which was super cool! We didn`t get to go inside, just walk around the grounds, but it was super cool and I`ll have to send pictures next week because the computer I`m using right now isn`t really working out for me. But anyway, it was great. The temple is out of our mission boundries so we aren`t allowed to go in while in our mission which is sad, but it`s ok. It was still really cool.

Also, this week we had a special mission conference with our mission president and President Viñez(quorem of the seventy) come and speak to us about our mission which was super great. They both talked about alot of great things, and I don`t have my notes with me, but I`ll just mention a couple of things. President Viñez talked alot about the atonement and how we need to really help everyone understand the need for repentance and how people want to feel the relief that comes from forgiveness from our mistakes and sins and through Jesus Christ we can do that and feel good and have the strength to overcome the hardships that are in our lives. He also mentioned the importance of `counting our sheep` and how we might not be able to control people`s agency, but we should at least know the status of people, our less-actives and recent converts in particular. Also, our mission president was able to talk to us alot about us as missionaries in particular and the importance of how even if people chose not to listen to us or get baptized, that what we should really focus on is about going about doing good and leaving every person that we talk to more edified then when we first met them. My companion and I actually had an experience with that this week. We ran into someone and started teaching them and it turned out that they had missionaries teaching them alot awhile ago, and while it was clear that she hadn`t accepted everything they said, or what we said, she was telling us about a couple things that she was doing differently that she started after talking with the missionaries(like saying prayers at dinner with her family) and other simple things that had made a difference in her family…And this just made me realize that we really can make a difference in people`s lives even if they don`t accept everything we teach, we can still love them, serve them, and share what we know is true and it will make a difference…We have to realize that the small things always make a difference.

Anyway, as for the work in general this week it`s been going good. We have a couple of really great people that we`ve been working with this week, but we`ve also been rejected alot this week…but that`s ok. My companion and I have alot of faith that there are lots of prepared people here that are waiting for us to find them. I was reading in Ether 12 about faith and how so many miracles were wrought as they demonstrated their faith and confidence in Christ and how it is the same with us, if we show our faith miracles will come, maybe not in the ways that we expect, but they will come.

Con amor,

Hermana Marvian


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