Serving the Lord

June 8, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

Everything is going great here in Encarnacion. This week we`ve been doing alot of contacting, looking for new people to teach. We`ve also started focusing alot more of our time on finding less-active members to visit and working on getting our little branch more involved in the work.
This week I learned that sometimes God has a plan, that`s not our own plan. He is always listening and answering prayers, just not always in the way that we expected. For example, this past sunday we had several investigators that we were hoping to see at church, but none of them showed up. However, two less-active members that we had visited with our branch president and his wife came to church, neither of which I thought would come, so it was super cool. Plus, it just goes to show how important it is to work with members. Sometimes members don`t really notice how important they are to the work. When members help, the work moves forward rapidly, when they don`t it`s a little more difficult. But anyway, it was super great and all the members were super welcoming to our less-actives. Our branch is super great, it`s small but the people are wonderful.
Also, this week we were able to go on divisions with some of the other sisters in Encarnacion and we had a really great experience. Super powerful lessons, the spirit was definitly there and I learned alot. I always love working with different missionaries and seeing how they teach and do things, because everyone is a little different.
But other than that, I`m doing good. It`s starting to finally get cold down here so that should be interesting. And the language is still coming along. Just working hard, trying to help as many people as we can. But, I hope all is well back home and I wish everyone a great week!

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