Another Week in the Interesting City of Encarnacion

Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Week in the interesting city of Encarnacion,

This week we`ve been working with a really cute family of three. Fermina and her to kids Maria de Mar and Martin. They haven`t come to church yet, but they really love the book of mormon and are reading it like crazy, especially the two kids. Maria is 16 and everytime we talk to her she`s just so excited to learn about everything, and you can just see it in her eyes- you can always tell when people are really interested and she is one of them. Plus, Martin is only 11 and he already read the first 50pgs of the book of mormon in like two days, that`s like never happened before with any of my investigators. I`m just so happy for them and I hope that I will be able to watch them continue and progress.
I also had a cool expierence with three ladies from London this week. So we were on an hour bus ride heading to Obligado to meet up with my companion because we were doing divisions again this week, and will on the bus these three ladies walked onto the bus and they were talking in English, so I started up a conversation and they started telling me about how they were on a 5 month vacation backpacking through Paraguay and other parts of South America. Then we got into a conversation about missionaries which lead them to want to know more and I was able to share all about the restoration with them which was super cool (although it was super wiered trying to teach them about it in English. I like didn`t know how to teach it in english. How am I supposed to talk about God in english? Haha, it was just weird), but anyway, then I got off the bus and before I left I tried giving them a book of mormon…which they wouldn`t except…but, that`s ok I still thought it went really well(not to mention I only had the book of mormon in spanish which they wouldn`t have been able to read anyway, although I didn`t think about that in the moment). But still it was cool, but it also reminded me that I love people in pargauy, the people from London were super cool, but there is just something really special about the people here that I love so much.
In other news, as of right now our branch in Encarnacion as two sets of missionaries, us and the Elders, which has been good and while our area is pretty big, it hasn`t felt like it because we also have buses in our area which didn`t exist in Pilar. But anyway, this week is the last week of the transfer and my companion will be going home so it`s a sure thing that I will be getting a new companion. But, to make it bigger, both of the Elders in our branch are also going home, and instead of sending in two new Elders into the area toreplace the others, my mission president informed me that he`s not putting in more elders but instead the whole area is going to be ours…So, I have one week to meet all of the people the Elders are teaching so that I can take over their investigators when their gone, plus that means our area is going to be ten times bigger and I know absolutlely nothing about their area and our maps might as well not exist, so this next transfer should be interesting. Plus it`s kind of sad because if he`s pulling them out, it`s probably because our area hasn`t been progressing very much…but it`s ok, I`m sure that things will work out.
Anyway, talk to you all next week.
Hermana Marvian
P.S Problems sending pictures again…sorry.

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