Starting a New Transfer

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey everybody, how`s it going?

This week has been really good, and I`ve been promising pictures so I won`t write much because I need time to upload them, but overall this week has been really good. These last couple days I`m not really sure what happened, but we`ve seen alot of miracles with people this week. We`ve actually found several really good people that we`ve started teaching and had some really powerful lessons so I`m looking forward to seeing how it all works out these next couple of weeks.
Other than that, my companion Hermana Nethercott said goodbye to me today, she`s finished her mission and is headed back to the good old state of Wyoming. I`m going to miss her alot, she was super great, super hardworking and one of the funniest people I`ve ever met, but now I guess it`s time to move on. As for my new companion, I will meet her on Thursday, so right now I`m staying with a couple other sisters for the next couple days till I get my new comp. I don`t know alot about her yet, but I`ll be trainning this transfer so it should be fun working with a new missionary. As far as I know she`s from Chile, which is kinda cool because every transfer I`ve gotten a comp from a different country, which is kind of interesting. But I`m super excited, I know it`s going to be hard to help my new companion; the adjustment is always difficult, but there is a type of excitement that comes from new missionaries that`s super awesome and I think that it will actually help me alot. I definitley look forward for the opportunity to learn from, serve, and grow along side my new companion and it should be a big adventure.
Hermana Marvian
P.S Attached are a couple pictures from being at the ruins.




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