First Week of the New Transfer

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hey Everybody,

So, this week has been a bit of an adventure. My companion went home on Monday and I had to wait till Thursday to receive my new companion. So I joined Hermana Albach and Hermana Bernal who are in another area in Encarnacion for a couple days. Then Thursday I was supposed to go over to Posadas to get my new companion, but l ended up having passport issues so one of the other sisters had to go get my companion for me and bring her back…so, that was a little tough but it all worked out and my companion, Hermana Merchàn, is super great. Oh, and she`s not from Chile, she`s actually from Ecuador, which is just as cool. 

So these last couple of days have been really great. We`ve been working closely with a couple of people, one of them is a 17yr. old and her mom who are super cool. But what`s super cool is that her brother who`s a year younger has been starting to meet with us too, which is awesome because before he was always avoiding us and now he`s getting more and more interested, so we`ll see how it`s going. Other than that, we`ve had a couple days where the work is great and I just love being a missionary, and then their have been other days like Saturday that were a bit harder where we walked around for seven hours in the freezing cold and only met with two people becuase nobody would let us in their houses…but it`s ok, the hard days make the good days so much sweeter. As President Holland said once, we can`t expect missionary work to be easy because it is the work of salvation and it was never easy for Christ, and so we can`t expect it to be easy either. 

This last sunday we were talking about Jesus Christ and his sufferings in Gethsemane and the moment when he asked the Father if there was any other way…I really love this part because it was super hard for Christ to atone for our sins, yet he did it out of love for us and out of a desire to serve our Heavenly Father. In this way, Christ was a perfect example of who we should strive to be…obedient, with the desire to follow our Father in Heaven because he knows alot more then we do and can make more of us then we can.
I love my Heavenly Father, I love my Savior, and I love the opportunity that I have to help change families through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hermana Marvian

P.S. Here are a couple more photos from the last couple of weeks when I was at the temple…better late then never.




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