A Week Full of Adventures

Monday, July 13, 2015


Another week come and gone…it`s been pretty good, full of lots of adventures learning more about the rest of our area that used to be the Elders, talking to lots of new and interesting people, getting soaked in the rain(it`s rained pretty much everyday this week), etc…

So, my somewhat interesting story for the week has to do with shoes…I`m not sure how many pairs of shoes is normal for a missionary to go through but in my 7 months I think I`ve gone through more then my fair share. So, the other day we were about 30min away from our house, walking to a lunch appointment when my perfectly good pair of shoes completely fell apart on me, the whole sole of the show just like fell off, then it started rainning super hard and my companion and I ended up having to walk back to our pension in the pouring rain and mud as I walked back home with one shoe on my foot and the other triumphantly in my hand. I think I got a couple of strange looks on the way back but…oh well.#missionaryproblems:)

Other than that, the week`s been good, just trying to help my new companion get used to missionary life, which has been fun, she`s super great and came ready and prepared to the mission. I love working with her and we`ve been able to learn and grow alot together.

This week we also had interviews with our mission President which is also super great. I was able to talk to him about some of our investigators and other things and we ended up talking alot about personal conversion and about commitment to the church. We talked about how when we are baptized and when we go to the temple, we make sacred promises to follow the will of God and give everything to him. He talked about how its more noticable here in Paraguay because there aren`t alot of members(our branch attendence this past week was 36…woohoo…this was super good for us), but he said that it`s really noticable here to see which members are really commited and which are not, but that if I`d look back in the states I would see the same thing. There are some members who put their whole hearts into the church service and others that just go through the motions. He told me that when I finish my mission I`ll have that choice to make on what kind of member that I want to be, and that it is a great measure of our conversion. For me I know that I had a testimony before the mission, but my desire to help and serve after the mission has only increased and I hope that I can continue to learn and grow, and help people.

This week we`ve been working with this investigator, Rosanna, who is super cool. We`ve been inviting her to read her Book of Mormon and she always reads twice as much and this last week we had such a powerful lesson on prayer and the spirit was so strong(all while teaching her at her front gate because her family doesn`t like us that much), but it was so cool and she was crying and my love for her just grew so much. I really hope that we can continue to work with her and help her, she wants change in her life, and the gospel of Jesuschrist can definitely help with that.

I hope everyone had a great week.

Love you all!

Hermana Marvian


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