Two Miracles

Monday, July 20, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

This has been a pretty good week. It`s been a little crazy because we`ve had a lot of little things that have come up that have needed our attention, like helping clean out the house of the Elders that used to be with us in our area, and a couple of other things that have shortened our proselyting time this week, but everything seemed to work out ok.
These last two weeks we`ve been working a lot with less-active members along with searching for new people to teach. It`s been super cool because over the last couple of weeks we`ve picked up 5 less-active families that we`ve been working with and most of them have started assisting the church again, it`s kindof a miracle actually! There is definitely a lot of work to be done with these families, but I`m praying that it should all work out.
As for a second miracle, we had a young woman(14yrs) that came to church with her uncle yesterday. We didn`t know she wasn`t a member at first, but after church she came up to us and told us that her parents are members but haven`t come to church for a very long time, but she told us that she really likes the church and wants us to come start teaching her and that she wants to get baptized as soon as possible and work on a goal to go to the temple with her family! How cool is that? So this week we are going to try and go meet with her and talk to her parents as well. But what makes it even better is that a couple of the youth from her class are all excited for her too and came up to me and my companion, insisting that they wanted to come with us and visit her, soo…I think we are going to all go out and visit her this week and it should be pretty good:)
Other than that, this week I`ve been thinking a lot about personal stewardship. I was reading about the story in the new testament about the parable of the talents about how on man changed his 4 talents to 8, the second from 2 to 4, and the third did nothing with his 1 talent was condemned for doing nothing. I really like this story because it wasn`t so much about what they were given, but more on how they used it. This is the same with us. As a missionary, I`ve been given my area with my own circumstances and challenges, but it is how I handle it and what I do with it that matters the most. Our Heavenly Father wants to see if I will take care of what I`ve been given…This is the same with all of us. How are we using the opportunities that we`ve been given to bless us and the lives of others?

I love all of you guys,
Hermana Marvian


​This is a photo of my companion Hermana Merchàn and I in our apartment

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