July 27, 2015
Hello once again:)

So, it`s been a pretty decent week. We`ve spent alot of time working with less-active and part member families this week which has been pretty good, while still searching for new people to teach. We also had divisions with Hermana Torres and Hermana Hurtado this last tuesday and this morning we were in Posados doing visa paperwork(on the bright side I got to see my trainner again and her new trainniee which was pretty cool)…always a fun adventure.

But my cool story for this week actually happened last week that I forgot to tell. So, one of the other missionaries in my district lost her wallet the other day on the bus with all her important documents and a whole bunch of money in it…she was pretty upset and was praying pretty hard for some way to get it back, despite everyone telling her that she would never see it again…when the very next day I got a call from our branch President asking if I knew a missionary named Hermana Albach. I guess it turned out that someone had found her wallet on the bus and had posted it on facebook which my branch president somehow came across…What are the chances of that? So my branch president was able to get in contact with this lady and send us the number to give to Hermana Albach who then was able to find this lady and get her wallet back including all the money in it. I guess what happened is the son of this lady found the wallet and was super happy because he had been praying for a way to pay for some school books that he needed and so he was planning on taking the money, but his mother insisted on showing him how to be a good person and do the right thing. So they gave it back and Hermana Albach decided to give them a bit of money in gratitude so the son could buy his books…so two prayers were answered, the Hermana got her wallet and her money back, and this kid was able to buy the books that he needed…it`s pretty cool how the Lord works!

So, just remember that God always answers prayers, one way or another. Love you all,

Hermana Marvian



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