August 31, 2015

Buenos Tardes,

I don`t really have a whole lot to report this week, and I`ll have to wait a week to send more pictures because I`m having difficulties with the computer I`m on.
But, anyway it`s been a pretty decent week and our miracles were in the references that we received this week by members in our branch. We were talking to a member that works as a security guard and he gave us the name of one of his coworkers to vistit so we stopped by and he is super awesome. His name is Aturo(24yrs) and he has a couple different friends that are members and actually received some of the lessons when he was a kid. So it was super cool when we met with him and the spirit was super strong and he told us that it brought back all the memories of when the missionaries had visited years ago and that he could feel something different as we talked to him. Also, we were able to meet with his brother as well and we are hoping that this week we can start teaching his parents as well. I`m super excited and it should go well.
We also had a conference this week for the entire district of Encarnacion where we had a couple of general authorties talk to us through a broadcast to Paraguay, Argentina, and Uraguay where they stressed alot the importance of the temple, keeping the sabbath day holy, and the importance of youth preparing to serve missions. It was super cool, nothing new for us as missionaries as this is what we`ve been focusing on in general, but hopefully with the conference we can really work with our area and help strenthen the members and find new people to teach. Plus, the best part of the conference is that one of the less-actives that we`ve been helping came to the conference and also brought her mom and sister for the first time and introduced them to us and then told us she wanted us to come over this week and start teaching them. Woohoo for more references!
Anyway, I`ll report next week on how these new investigators are doing. Until next time:)
Hermana Marvian

Less active Miracles

Monday, August 24, 2015

Buenos Tardes,

This week our miracles came in the less-actives that we have been working with this week. In general we are always looking for new people to teach, but a huge part of your mission includes strengthening recent converts and helping members return to the church. So this week was super awesome when we had 8 less-actives come to church this week. Three of which have been coming the last couple weeks that we`ve been helping alot, 3 that we`ve been struggling with but actually came which was super cool, and two others that we weren`t expecting at all that decided to come on their own….still no investigators at church, but I was so happy to see those less-active families that it doesn`t even matter. It truley was a miracle!
The work here is challenging sometimes, and there are alot of obstacles for sure….our attendance last week was 44(the most I have seen in the three months that I`ve been here), our mission leader is inactive(but we are in the process of reactivating him, because there is hardly any priesthood and so we really don`t have any other choice), our chapel has been under construction and we have to meet at a different church that is much farther and alot harder for the members to get too(there are very few members that have cars here and there aren`t alot of buses that pass on sundays), and several other aspects that have made it all a bit challenging…but despite all of the different dynamics that have made the work a little tough, I have loved every minute of it. It`s incredible to see some of the members that we have that sacrifice so much to go to church, serve others, and share the gospel. It`s incredible to teach and testify by the spirit and see people and families change whether they get baptized or not, and as I`ve served and learned to love the people here, I am always amazed at the love that God has for his children and the patience that he has for each and everyone of us…this is something I`m learning:) Pacience, pacience with people, with circumstances, with trials, and with God`s timing…If we trust in Him, all will work out in time if we are doing the things that we should.
So, guess I`ll just keep going and working…there really is no other way…
Hermana Marvian

​My companion and I with some of the members this last Sunday. They are the best!
The classic missionaries walking pic…I really like this part of our area, we don`t visit it very often because it`s super far, but it`s super pretty…We took this picture in our hour and half walk to visit a less active member who happened to live on the other side of our area…luckily we caught a bus on the way back, but it`s surprising how and hour and half walk can feel like nothing to us anymore:)
​A picture of the church that`s under construction….a couple more months and we can go back…
Here`s another photo of some of the youth in the church. We`ve been teaching them the last couple of weeks while there teacher hasn`t been there.

Another Fun Week in the Sun

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello once again,

This week has been super good. We`ve been working with quite a few people both investigators, part-member families, and less-actives that are progressing, slowly but progress none the less.
Our miracle this week was with our investigator Allen(17yrs). We were just walking by one day and he came up to us and wanted to talk to us and we ended up inviting him to our english classes at the church which he accepted, followed by an invitation to come back and visit him to teach him more about the church…luckily a few days latter we were able to find his house(he didn`t give very good directions) but we found him and had a super good lesson with him and set a baptisim date with him. Then a couple days later we ran into him again and he was super excited and told us that he had been reading alot of the Book of Mormon and liked it alot….so, hopefully it will go good and we can get him to church this next week. Also, we have another investigator that excepted baptisim this week, Alex. He`s super great too, has been through alot and when he accepted baptisim I was a bit surprised and asked him why, and he told us that he was ready to make a change in his life and really liked the idea of baptisim and wants to be better. It was pretty cool…Plus, we`ve been working with a young couple that recently returned to the ward after being in Posadas for a couple years in which they were inactive, but now want to come back to church. This Sunday was their second time in the church and we`ve been working alot with them and they are excited to do missionary work too so hopefully they can help us out alot this week. Overall its been pretty good, and while we`ve had lots of challenges as well this week, I feel like we`ve been doing all that we can, and it`s been fun.
This week we shared with a couple members about the importance of gratitud and remembering all that we have because of God. Sometimes it`s so easy to focus on what we don`t have that we forget all the great things that we have and that are happening right in front of our faces. Really there are miracles happening every day and if we remember to look and express our gratitud towards God we will be alot happier, despite any circumstances that we are in. I`m so grateful for the knowledge that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me and I know that he has a great plan for each and everyone of us. I`m so grateful for all of the blessings that I`ve been given and I want you all to know that I have a strong testimony that this church is true and the reason I know it is through the changes that I have witnessed in people and the happiness that it brings. Hope all is good back in the states…be safe:)

More missionaries at Burger king…..


​My companion and I eating Burger King close to the river….best part about Encarnacion…fast food:) Probably going to burn a whole in my wallet, but that`s ok…no just kidding but it was fun.

Staying in Encarnacion

Monday, August 10, 2015

I really need some more creative ways to start my emails…so I`ll try and work on that. But anyway, today is the start of a new transfer. I got news that I`ll be sticking with my companion here in Encarnación for another 6 weeks to finish out her training, which I was expecting so it`s all good. My companion and I have been talking alot about different ideas to help out our branch and help out our investigators so I`m super excited about this next transfer. It should be pretty great.
As for this last week, it`s been kinda crazy. We had to help out a couple missionaries this week and I ended up going back and forth across the boarder to Posadas a couple times this week. Plus, we had several other things come up this week that were a bit of a distraction, but overall it`s been pretty good. We are still working with several part-member families this week and seeing some progress with them. Plus, this last Sunday we didn`t have any of our investigators come to church but we did have this less-active couple come to church for the first time and they had a really good experience and are looking forward to coming back next week! Yeah, this is the same couple who`s brother we are teaching and while we didn`t really have a lot of time to visit him this last week I`m hoping that we can get him to come to church with us this next week and I think it should go pretty well.
Also, this week I`ve been trying to focus a bit more on the blessing that I`ve been experiencing every day as I`ve continued to try my best and help bring people unto Christ. Sometimes it`s been a bit hard and there are many days that I feel like I`m not really making a difference, while other days are absolutely incredible and I can see the fruits of our labors. But really the truth is that everything that we are doing is making a difference in the lives of others. I don`t know how many people will get baptized, but I do know that with evey testimony we share and with every service we give, it will be of benifit to others and also to ourselves. We might not always realize the influence that we are making in the moment, but it`s pretty hard to walk across the sand without leaving some kind of print, and so is la vida. Sooo…..what am I learning? Do your best, let God take care of the rest, and the miracles will come.
Love you all,
Hermana Marvian


One of the members in our branch is a tenis instructor….so here`s my attempt at trying something new.


​My companion and I along the beach of the Pragauan River. We spend alot of our P-days here with the other missionaries.


​This is a picture with all of our Zone(with the exception of Elder Nielson) in our socer jerseys that we had made…one gran equipo!

New Investigators

Monday, Aug 3, 2015

Buenos Tardes,

So this week has been super great. We`ve been working super hard to find new people to teach and have come across quite a few of really great people. In particualar this week we`ve been trying to work with alot of part member families which has been a pretty good experience. We`ve been helping the wife of one of our recent converts which has been super great. Before, Vicky and her husband Ramon had alot of hard times in their relationship and really Ramon was making alot of bad choices, but over the last several months since his baptisim he`s changed so much and his wife has witnessed this change in him and now is interested in our message. She is so great so hopefully we can get her coming to church and help them out. Also, we`ve been working with a brother of a less-active couple we`ve been visiting who is super great. He`s super smart and has alot of good questions for us, and he`s been to lot`s of different churches looking for the truth. He said that he doesn`t know if our church is true yet, but he accepted the challenge to come to church with us and start reading the book of mormon to experiment with the word a bit, so I`m pretty excited for him:) We`ve also picked up several other people this week, so hopefully they can progress and we can see some progress. It`s been super cool, because I`ve been able to watch this week and see how God has directed us and how we`ve been in the right places at the right times to find some of these people….It`s awesome.

Other than that, things are going good. Not much to report this week other than that. I`ll let you all know how it turns out with all our new investigators this next week.

Love you all,

Hermana Marvian

P.S I had some more photos to upload but it`s not working, so I`ll have to wait till next week.