Staying in Encarnacion

Monday, August 10, 2015

I really need some more creative ways to start my emails…so I`ll try and work on that. But anyway, today is the start of a new transfer. I got news that I`ll be sticking with my companion here in Encarnación for another 6 weeks to finish out her training, which I was expecting so it`s all good. My companion and I have been talking alot about different ideas to help out our branch and help out our investigators so I`m super excited about this next transfer. It should be pretty great.
As for this last week, it`s been kinda crazy. We had to help out a couple missionaries this week and I ended up going back and forth across the boarder to Posadas a couple times this week. Plus, we had several other things come up this week that were a bit of a distraction, but overall it`s been pretty good. We are still working with several part-member families this week and seeing some progress with them. Plus, this last Sunday we didn`t have any of our investigators come to church but we did have this less-active couple come to church for the first time and they had a really good experience and are looking forward to coming back next week! Yeah, this is the same couple who`s brother we are teaching and while we didn`t really have a lot of time to visit him this last week I`m hoping that we can get him to come to church with us this next week and I think it should go pretty well.
Also, this week I`ve been trying to focus a bit more on the blessing that I`ve been experiencing every day as I`ve continued to try my best and help bring people unto Christ. Sometimes it`s been a bit hard and there are many days that I feel like I`m not really making a difference, while other days are absolutely incredible and I can see the fruits of our labors. But really the truth is that everything that we are doing is making a difference in the lives of others. I don`t know how many people will get baptized, but I do know that with evey testimony we share and with every service we give, it will be of benifit to others and also to ourselves. We might not always realize the influence that we are making in the moment, but it`s pretty hard to walk across the sand without leaving some kind of print, and so is la vida. Sooo…..what am I learning? Do your best, let God take care of the rest, and the miracles will come.
Love you all,
Hermana Marvian


One of the members in our branch is a tenis instructor….so here`s my attempt at trying something new.


​My companion and I along the beach of the Pragauan River. We spend alot of our P-days here with the other missionaries.


​This is a picture with all of our Zone(with the exception of Elder Nielson) in our socer jerseys that we had made…one gran equipo!


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