Less active Miracles

Monday, August 24, 2015

Buenos Tardes,

This week our miracles came in the less-actives that we have been working with this week. In general we are always looking for new people to teach, but a huge part of your mission includes strengthening recent converts and helping members return to the church. So this week was super awesome when we had 8 less-actives come to church this week. Three of which have been coming the last couple weeks that we`ve been helping alot, 3 that we`ve been struggling with but actually came which was super cool, and two others that we weren`t expecting at all that decided to come on their own….still no investigators at church, but I was so happy to see those less-active families that it doesn`t even matter. It truley was a miracle!
The work here is challenging sometimes, and there are alot of obstacles for sure….our attendance last week was 44(the most I have seen in the three months that I`ve been here), our mission leader is inactive(but we are in the process of reactivating him, because there is hardly any priesthood and so we really don`t have any other choice), our chapel has been under construction and we have to meet at a different church that is much farther and alot harder for the members to get too(there are very few members that have cars here and there aren`t alot of buses that pass on sundays), and several other aspects that have made it all a bit challenging…but despite all of the different dynamics that have made the work a little tough, I have loved every minute of it. It`s incredible to see some of the members that we have that sacrifice so much to go to church, serve others, and share the gospel. It`s incredible to teach and testify by the spirit and see people and families change whether they get baptized or not, and as I`ve served and learned to love the people here, I am always amazed at the love that God has for his children and the patience that he has for each and everyone of us…this is something I`m learning:) Pacience, pacience with people, with circumstances, with trials, and with God`s timing…If we trust in Him, all will work out in time if we are doing the things that we should.
So, guess I`ll just keep going and working…there really is no other way…
Hermana Marvian

​My companion and I with some of the members this last Sunday. They are the best!
The classic missionaries walking pic…I really like this part of our area, we don`t visit it very often because it`s super far, but it`s super pretty…We took this picture in our hour and half walk to visit a less active member who happened to live on the other side of our area…luckily we caught a bus on the way back, but it`s surprising how and hour and half walk can feel like nothing to us anymore:)
​A picture of the church that`s under construction….a couple more months and we can go back…
Here`s another photo of some of the youth in the church. We`ve been teaching them the last couple of weeks while there teacher hasn`t been there.


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