August 31, 2015

Buenos Tardes,

I don`t really have a whole lot to report this week, and I`ll have to wait a week to send more pictures because I`m having difficulties with the computer I`m on.
But, anyway it`s been a pretty decent week and our miracles were in the references that we received this week by members in our branch. We were talking to a member that works as a security guard and he gave us the name of one of his coworkers to vistit so we stopped by and he is super awesome. His name is Aturo(24yrs) and he has a couple different friends that are members and actually received some of the lessons when he was a kid. So it was super cool when we met with him and the spirit was super strong and he told us that it brought back all the memories of when the missionaries had visited years ago and that he could feel something different as we talked to him. Also, we were able to meet with his brother as well and we are hoping that this week we can start teaching his parents as well. I`m super excited and it should go well.
We also had a conference this week for the entire district of Encarnacion where we had a couple of general authorties talk to us through a broadcast to Paraguay, Argentina, and Uraguay where they stressed alot the importance of the temple, keeping the sabbath day holy, and the importance of youth preparing to serve missions. It was super cool, nothing new for us as missionaries as this is what we`ve been focusing on in general, but hopefully with the conference we can really work with our area and help strenthen the members and find new people to teach. Plus, the best part of the conference is that one of the less-actives that we`ve been helping came to the conference and also brought her mom and sister for the first time and introduced them to us and then told us she wanted us to come over this week and start teaching them. Woohoo for more references!
Anyway, I`ll report next week on how these new investigators are doing. Until next time:)
Hermana Marvian

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