Catholic Funneral

Monday, September 7, 2015

¿Como boce està?

I`m not really sure if that`s right but I`ve decided to work a little bit more on my guarani and portugesse this week…just phrases, but why not? There`s a part of my mission where they speak lots of portugesse so maybe I`ll get the chance to go there and learn a little bit more.

But anyway, this week has been pretty great. We`ve been working with a couple of new investigators that are references from a less-active that we have been visiting and it`s been going super well. It`s the mom and sister (Paubla and Carmen) of our less-active and they came to church with us last sunday and are really interested in our message, so we stopped by and visited…..who`s house is very far away (pero no importa) and had a good spiritual experience…it`s a little hard to teach them, because while they speak spanish, they mostly speak guarani in the house so we have to teach slowly and clearly for them to understand completely, but the cool thing is that the language of the spirit is universal so hopefully we can help them out a little.

Also, this week I experienced my first Catholic funneral…We have a member that we`ve been working with who was baptized last year(Ramon) who has been taking care of his mother who`s been pretty sick over the last several weeks. He had been praying alot for her, but I guess it was time for her to return back home…so, after church on Sunday the wife of our branch president called and told us that their family was going to go to Ramon`s house to show there support and wanted us to come with them. So we went together where the family of Ramon had a funeral where we planned on talking to him for a few minutes, but then turned into us participating in the ceramony where we all stood around the cascet of his mother where we stood silently as all the family repeated their prayers “Padre Nuestro” and other prayers to the Virgen Marry which lasted for a good forty minutes reciting around her body…it was a little different, but the family was happy that we came to support.

Also, it was very interesting to see the difference in the reaction of the family of Ramon, and Ramon who is a member. For his family it was a time of complete misery, but for Ramon it was different…yes, he cried and it was sad and hard for him. But he was also at peace because he has the knowledge that this life isn`t the end. That he will see her and his other family again. So yes it was sad, but it was also a time of hope and strength…something that his family didn`t quite have, something that comes from the reasurance of the gospel.

True peace in this life and the next life come only through faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.


Hermana Marvian


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