Last Week of the Transfer

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hello, once again…

So, this week has been pretty interesting. We ended up changing our apartment this week which was kinda crazy….we had some different problems so my companion and I searched for another apartment and got permission from our mission president to make the switch. It was all done super quick…Friday morning my companion and I scrambled around the house and packed everything up super quick in the morning, then loaded up a moving truck with the Elders and moved it all over…yep, but now we are situated and it`s all good.

Other than that we found two super cool families this week. The first was when we were roaming the streets contacting and we passed a guy(early 20s) sitting on a curb and we asked to sit with him and started talking about his life and he told us about his problems and we talked alot about repentance and the strength that comes through Christ and he invited us to come back to his house the next day and we met his family and started teaching them and it`s been super cool. Also, we had a similar experience on our way to visit an investigator Wednesday night. We were walking in the street and there was this lady in her front yard, waving at us frantically to come help her, when one of her family members started attacking her, which happened to be her 18yr. daughter who has special needs and was going frantic…I looked at my companion because we weren`t quite sure what to do, so we ran over to her gate and started singing hymns to calm her daughter down which worked and the lady was so happy and her whole family was so impressed that they let us come in and teach all of them and we`ve gone over a couple of times and have had some good experiences with them and they like the church alot and one of the guys said a prayer in our last lession thanking God for sending angels to him to change their lives…it was very interesting.

Also, I mentioned two investigators Carmen and Paubla a couple weeks ago who are family members of a less active we are working with and they came to church for a second time which is really good news. The only problem is that Paubla has a huge drinking adiction that we need to work with so this week we are going to try to talk to her about it and also start teaching her husband who we haven´t been able to meet yet, but hopefully we can have a good lesson with him, but I`ll let you all know.

Other than that, nothing much…last week of the transfer, I`ll find out if I`m staying or going next Monday, but my guess is that I`m leaving since I`ve been here for four and a half months and am also finishing the training of my companion…but, who knows. Guess I`ll find out what God has instore for me next week, but as for now, there is alot to still be done here in Encarnacion.

Love you all,

Hermana Marvian


​Here is a picture of me heading to the zoo…I went here once before but Hermana Merchàn never had the chance to go so we went along with some of the other hermanas and it was cool…I would have uploaded more photos but it was taking too long so this will have to do.


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