Me Voy a Argentina

Monday, Sept 21, 2015

¡Me Voy a Argentina!

Well, there`s alot to talk about this week but I`ll try to keep it somewhat short. I found out transfers this week and I`m leaving Encarnacion and going to Puerto Iguazu in Argentina…So, I`m super excited to go to my first area in Argentina and experience the other side of the mission which I`ve heard is very different, but I`m also pretty sad to leave my area here. I`ve had lots of ups and downs but Encarnacion is super awesome and I love all the people here and will miss them and my companion a ton. But, I guess Heavenly Father has other plans in mind. With every new area is a new opportunity to grow, so I`m sure I`ll be groing a tone in the next couple of weeks. My new companion will be Hermana Gonzalez from Mexico which should be super cool. I`ve met her and talked to her a little bit before, but not much but I`m sure we will be having lots of great adventures together soon. As for what I`ve heard from my new area is that it`s only 30min from the Catacasis de Iguazu so I should have the opportunity to go visit which will be super awesome. Also, my area is on the front line of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil and it`s a huge area for tourists which should be kinda different. I`ll probably have plenty of opportunities to practice some portueguse while I`m there. On the other side because of tourisim everything is suuuper expensive so I`ll have to be careful, and it doesn`t help that I know nothing about pesos since they use different currancy in Paraguay, but I guess I`ll be learning pretty fast.
Anyway, in other news this week both my companion and I got super sick this week and we`ve had to go back to the pension early a couple times which was super hard…just some type of virus I think, nothing too worry about but we`re doing better now…Oh, and remember our investigator who we sung to his niece? The one that thanked God for sending angels to help his family? Yep, he`s super awesome. We`ve been teaching him alot this week and he`s been reading alot of the Book of Mormon and accepted a baptisim date this last week. Then we invited him to an activity on Saturday which he came to and then to church which he also came to! That was actually the real miracle becuase this area has been super hard in that aspect. We`ve had a couple investigators come to church in the last four months here who have been members of families which have invited them(which is better because they`re references), but we`ve never been able to get anyone to come to church that we`ve just met on our own and invited, until yesturday that is. It`s kinda a miracle for me becuase that`s all I really wanted to accomplish in this area before we left and on my last sunday it finally happened. And what made it a bigger miracle is that it was rainning super hard that morning and nobody goes to church when it rains, including members. So we only had 17 at church yesturday including my companion and I but he came…that`s a pretty sure sign that he`ll get baptized….really I don`t know, but he`s super awesome and I`m sad that I won`t be here to see him progress more, but it should be pretty good. Plus, on another note two of our other investigators Carmen and Paubla accepted baptisim too this week. Woohoo! Hopefully there should be some more success in Encarnacion Rama 3 in th future.
Anyway, it`s been a good end to this area and should be an exciting start to my new area. But the most important thing is that God is incharge of all and knows exactly where each of us needs to be. I`m so grateful to see God`s hand guideing me in every step of the way.
Hermana Marvian

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