Week1 Iguazu

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hey Everybody! How`s it all going?

So…This week has been a full adventure getting adjusted to my new area in Argentina but it`s been super great. Transfers were Thursday morning in which I crossed over to Posadas and then made the 6 hour bus ride to Puerto Iguazu. So I`ve really only been here a couple of days, but so far my first impression has been pretty great. I kinda feel like this area is a mixture of my last two areas. It kinda has more of a small town feel like Pilar, but with lots of busy people like Encarnacion. It`s a tourist town like a mentioned and almost everyone here works either in Iguazu Falls, a hotel, a resturant, or a Casino here, but as for the tourists we usually tend to not venture those parts of our area as much, but it`s interesting.
As for the church there is one branch here in this area that we share with a set of Elders. The attendence rate was around 30 people which was similar to my last area, but the members are really awesome and I`ve enjoyed the last several days getting to know them and start working in the area. The area itself we don`t have alot of investigators right now and there is definitley alot of work to be done that`s for sure, but I`m pretty excited about it, it should be good. Oh, and many people told me that it`s like a whole different mission working on the Argentina side and I`d have to say that it`s true….how to explain? I don`t know, lots of the custums are the same, but the people are different, it`s just a different feel I guess you could say.
But anyway, my spiritual experience this week was with a recent convert named Rosana who was baptized in another part of Argentina a month ago and then moved in with her family here in Iguazu. She has been searching for work and now has an interview this week for a job which she will probably have to work on Sundays and not be able to go to church. So we talked alot about the blessing of keeping the sabbath day holy and how God never gives us a commandment that we can`t keep and that if she showed her faith and stand firm with her commitment to go to church, God would present her with another opportunity to find a job…We continued to bare testimony and the spirit was so strong and she cried and my companion and I cried and I don`t think I`ve had such a powerful lesson about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy but it really was a cool expeirience and I don`t know what was the outcome, I guess we`ll find out this week, but if nothing else it was a powerful testimony to me of the importance of being obedient and knowing that God will take care of the rest, especially when it comes to the Sabbath Day as it`s something that the First Presidency has been stressing alot lately…our sabbath day observance is one of the greatest ways we express our gratitud for all of the blessings that we have. It is our personal sign to our Heavenly Father of the love that we have for him, and it is a time to renew our covenants and receive the blessings of the atonement.
Hope everyone has a great week!
Hermana Marvian

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