Conference Weekend

Monday, Oct 5, 2015

Another fun week…

This week has been pretty good. This last week our mission switched back to our summer schedule of leaving earlier in the morning to proselyte and then coming back in the afternoon to do studies during the hottest part of the day which I`m pretty grateful for seeing that it`s starting to get really really hot again….yeah:( As for other not super important news I forgot to mention last week the best part of the area here in Iguazu is that our pension has a washing machine…I haven`t used a washing machine in 9 months…the small pleasures of life:) Haha, oh and when I first arrived my companion made sure to mention our friendly scorpian friend that she found in the bathroom the week before transfers that she failed to kill and warned me to be on the look out….so, today luckily we found our friend once again and were able to get rid of it so all is safe…
But anyway, I`ve enjoyed this last week alot. We found a young inactive couple this last week who have been members there whole lives but had met a couple of years back, things went to far, they ended up having a child in the process and now have been living together the last couple of years but because of what happened they fell away from the church. But luckily, we were able to meet with them and talk alot and talk about the plan God has for us and the love that he has for us and how there is always a way to gain forgiveness and have peace in our lives. It went really well and they invited us to come back the next week so hopefully we can start working with them and help them come back to church.
The other cool experience that we had was with the recent convert Rosana again. This time we went to her house to visit her and while talking to her noticed that she was upset about something. It turns out that she had a somewhat scary experience the night before and didn`t know how to interpret it and felt uneasy  so my companion and I felt impressed to see if we could call the Elders to offer a blessing which she readily accepted. So we called the Elders, hoping that they could come over despite being at the last second which they agreed to and came surprisingly fast. So when they got there we asked them how they had gotten there so quickly and one of the Elders said that they had had plans to visit a family that was super far away but had had an impression to visit someone else that was alot closer and so on their way to this house is when we called and after hanging up with us they continued to this house in which nobody was there but which made it easy for them to respond to our call and give Rosana a blessing which she was super grateful for and it was a cool testimony to me that God really is watching over us and is in charge of this work.
But anyway, I hope that everyone had the chance to watch General Conference and listen to all the inspiring talks and more importantly make plans to act on the messages that have been given. I know that there were countless answers to my own questions and I`m so grateful for the opportunity that I had to enjoy their words.
Thanks So Much,
Hermana Marvian

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