Investigator Experience

Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015
Hey Everybody,

Our cool experience this week was with our investigator Lourdis. She is the sister of a a recent convert that was baptized several months ago. She`s around 40yrs and has a huge problem with smoking. The first time teaching her she couldn`t even make it through a lesson without smoking a cigarrett…after the lesson I made a comment about it to my companion and she said that her and her other companion had taught her once before me and she had like 5 cigarrets in the lesson…haha a huge improvement. So we`ve been continuing to visit her which and while the visits have been difficult, she`s making progress. We visited her again and she had her pack on her lap the whole time but didn`t smoke once and we visited her again Sunday and she didn`t even bring her cigarrets to our lesson this time;) Little by little…but it`s been cool because we actually haven`t talked about it alot, but each time we visit and she feels the spirit she`s starting to make little changes in her life. It`s very interesting the way the spirit can help people change.
Thanks Everybody,
Hermana Marvian
P.S. I`ve been trying to send more pictures but every time there`s been some type of problem with the computer:( I`ll try again next time…..

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