Monday, October 26, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been pretty eventful. We did divisions this week and I was able to work a little with Hermana Castillo(Peru) in our area while my companion and Hermana Watts worked in Elderado and it was super cool. We went and met with a lady who we had contacted a few days before and she gave us a reference to visit her mom who´s been sick the last several days so we went and visited her and said a prayer with her and the next day my companion and I went back and cleanned her house and washed her clothes for her and it was kinda nice doing a little service for her. Plus we were able to share a bit about the Restoration and we have more plans to visit her in the following week.
We also met with the guy that I mentioned last week and he was excited for our visit and had alot of really good questions for us and we were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and how to pray and he told us that he wanted his whole family to listen to our message so hopefully we will be able to meet his family next week.
Also, we were able to have interviews with our mission president again which are always my favorite opportunities and we talked for a long time about lots of things that I´m hoping that I can put into practice in the next couple of weeks because while we´ve had some good experiences this week we´ve also had alot of difficulties, but I know that all will work out…..As for today, we are headed to Posadas tonight for tramites for my companion, yeah, more visa paperwork…
Lastley I wanted to mention one more experience that we had today actually on our way to write for the week. There was a lady passing by in the street who stopped us and started talking to us about how missionaries had passed by before and after talking for a few minutes she broke down in the middle of the street and started telling her whole life story about how she´s living in Paragauy and that she´s only here for the day getting more medicines to help her because she´s going through a bit of trauma and can´t sleep and has been seeking alot of help over the last several years and told us her terrible story in detail that I´m not going to share completely but basically when she was younger she was involved in sex trafficing and was taken to brasil and spain and she was telling us that she wasn´t sure if it was Satan or the will of God and how was she going to forgive these people and how she felt worthless and like a terrible person and how she had felt several times that she should take her own life….So we started talking and testifiying of God´s love for her and explainned that it wasn´t the will of God for these bad things that happened to her but that she could be healed in time through the power of Jesus Christ and that she was a precious daughter of God and that she shouldn´t even think of ending her own life and that as he perserevered, God would bless her and strengthen her….we said several other things and she cried and we gave her a hug and my companion gave her a bracelet that she was wearing and told her that whenever times get tough that it would act as a reminder that God was watching out for her. Afterwards she thanked us and went on her way and we will try to give the direction we got to the missionaries in Paraguay but it might be pretty hard to find her, but I trust in God to take care of her and it is really interesting exactly who God puts in our path, and I just hoped that the words we shared through the spirit will help her some how, and I´m grateful for the opportunity to help one of God´s children today. I testify that this church really is true and that God loves and is mindful of his children and if we are patient in afflictions, he will give us the peace, strength, and understanding that we need.
Hermana Marvian


I was making breakfast with Hermana Castillo and we made this which she said they eat alot for breakfast in Peru. It´s white rice with garlic, french fries, an egg, and toped with fried bananas….it was actually super good. You guys have to try it.


Here is a picture of our district that we took a couple of weeks ago. Upper Left: Elder Arevelo(Utah), Hermana Castillo(Peru), Hermana Watts(Nevada), Me, Hermana Gonzalez(Mexico), Elder Troncoso(Bolivia) Bottom Left: Elder Choca(Peru), Elder Petit(Utah), Elder Hammond(Utah), Elder Pianeao(Argentina).


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