Happy Halloween!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Well, they don`t have Halloween here in Argentina, but I hope everyone back in the States was able to have some fun with the family. This week we have seen alot of miracles and it`s been cool to see how God prepares people. As I mentioned last week, we started teaching a man, Cecilio, who we gave a Book of Mormon and who said that he wanted his family to listen too. So, yep we`ve been teaching him more and when we stopped by after a week he had already read the first 80 pages of the Book of Mormon! And he told us how he wanted to make changes in his life so we taught him and his 29yr. old daughter about repentance and they both liked it alot. Then, on Halloween we went back again and Cecilio had read the rest of the pamphlet we gave him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and as soon as we sat down with us he told us that he was reading the part about baptisim and wanted to know if he was allowed to be baptized because it was something he really wanted but wasn`t sure if it was ok because he was baptized Catholic when he was a baby. But we reassurred him that yes he can be baptized and we`ve put a date for the 21st of November! Then yesturday he came to church with us and he met an old time friend that he hasn`t seen in years but who is a member and this member is now super excited to come back and teach with us so we are now going to work with him too. Plus, Cecilio told us that his daughter is super interested and he hopes that she can come to church with him the next week and how he is going to try to work with his other children too. He said it is a great blessing that we came into his life at this time because he was in the stage of changing his life and wanted something more, and then we found him:) I`m really excited for him and he seems so happy…there`s still alot of time until then but I`m sure it will work out.
Besides that we`ve had several other miracles happen this week, one including visiting one of our investigators in the hospital and teaching her there because she got rushed to the hospital because her apendix was about to burst, so when we stopped by her house her sister told us what happened and there mom invited us to stop by and visit her in the hospital if we want(which is a miracle in itself because her mom hated us the first time she met us…but) we went and had a cool lesson with her and the next day we passed by the house again to talk to her mom who thanked us and told us that we could come by anytime and that her daughters mentioned that they felt something different when we talked to them, a kind of peace, and she said that she felt it too. And so we explained that it was the spirit and how that we would be happy to teach them. So, we have plans to go back and visit again, so I`ll let you all know how it went.
Int other news, transfers are here and I felt pretty sure that neither one of us were going to leave, but it turns out that my companion is leaving:( It`s kinda sad because we`ve struggled a bit together, but just when we finally learned to love each other, she`s got to go….I guess it just means that we learned all that we can from each other, but still I`ll miss her. And as for my new companion her name is Hermana Wilson from the states who I`ve been able to work with once before and who is super awesome! It should be a whole new fun adventure, but so is the mission. Change, fun, hardships, miracles, and lots of blessings.
Hope everyone has a fun week,
Hermana Marvian

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