Monday, November 9, 2015

Saludos a Todos,

This week has been a very good start to the new transfer. My companion Hermana Wilson(Idaho) and I got back from Posadas Thursday afternoon and have been hitting the streets these last couple of days looking for people to teach and helping her get used to the new area. It`s been getting hotter and hotter in these days and I can`t say I`m too excited about it but it`s all right. We have rain about every two or three days which is both a blessing because it blocks out the sun, but also a curse because it`s also alot more humid. Yeah, summer time! Oh, and remember how I killed that scorpian a couple weeks ago….I just killed my 6th one in our living room yesturday…so if I don`t come back from the mission it`s because I died by killer scorpians….so love you all just in case:)
But anyway, this week the Elders gave us a reference of a member that they found in the supermarket who just moved to Iguazu two months ago, so we stopped by her house Saturday night to pay her a visit and it went super well. It turns out that she hasn`t been very active in the church for the last several years, but she was telling us how she wants to start over and come back to church and that she has a boyfriend that she`s living with who`s not a membe but is very interested in the church. She told us that she`s been talking about the church alot with them and he likes the idea that we believe that families can be together forever and wants to get married in the temple with our member. So we told her that we would love to come by and start teaching him and we have a visit planned for this week, but we also invited them to church yesturday and they both came! We were so excited and the members were really great with them. In fact, the members are just super great here in general. It might be a small branch, but the people here really have good hearts and try to help, they`re not perfect, but I`ve learned alot from their examples. We have one member who did her visiting teaching to a member that`s inactive and then came and told us that she was interested in having us come and teach her too so the active member set up an appointment with us and her and we went and visited this inactive member, Hermana Sosa who is from Brazil and we`ve been working along with the members to reactivate her and it`s going really well and she came to church the last week. It`s a bit hard for us because she only speaks portuguese, so with lots of prayer I can understand about half of what she says, but…it`s been pretty cool and like I said as we`ve worked together with the members it`s been very good. Also, Cecilo didn`t come to church this week which was sad:( but afterwards, a member came up to us and said that he was going to go pay him a visit and see what he could do to help him come to church next week…so, we were really happy with his initive and we are still waiting to see how that visit went. But it`s good to know that he has a support group building:)
Anyway, that was a bit of my week. Talk to you all next week!

​Here is a photo from a couple of weeks ago with a family that we are working with. The lady on my left is Sister Vera who`s been a member for many years but none of her family are members and so we are slowly working with them.


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