All Problems are Solved through Missionary Work

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Nice Sunset in my Area! I just love all the pretty things I get to see while I`m out walking around:)


Greetings from Iguazu!
This week has been another fun week of a bit of traveling. I went to Posadas Tuesday and Wednesday for a meeting with some of the other missionaries which was super edifying where we talked alot about improving our teaching skills and balancing out all the parts of missionary work and it was super good. Then this last Sunday we went to Eldorado for our Church district conference which was also pretty inspiring. We have a girl in our branch, Jasmin, that will be leaving on her mission to Uruguay in a couple of weeks and it was cool listening to her talk about her mission preperation and her excitement to serve. It reminded me what it was like to be a new missionary again:) There is a scripture that talks about how we should all be child-like, full of humility and faith and it made me think about how I can relate it to being a new missionary too. I think that throughout our missions we should always have that spirit of being a new missionary, full of faith and expectations that we will be able to do the will of God and help other people come unto Christ, I think that after one has been on a mission for awhile we forget about that early excitement we had….I hope that as a missionary I can always remember that.
One thing that I really liked at the conference on Sunday was when our Mission President got the chance to speak. He shared a couple of missionary experiences and mentioned how that when we go through the temple, and also in general as members of the church we take upon his work(missionary work). I think it`s cool because the glory of God is the ability he has to bring others to the truth and help save their souls so when we do missionary work a new power enters our lives and we have the ability to overcome other challenges in our lives that may have nothing to do with missionary work at all. I`ve come to learn that the solution to problems in homes, families, marraiges, and wards can all be fixed if we start focusing on missionary work! It`s so cool. So, one thing our mission president sent us was a list of 101 ways that members can do missionary work with the challenge that we can help all members start doing something even if it`s small. So one thing that we shared with a couple members is that they could write their testimonies in a Book of Mormon and then give it back to us so that we can give to other people when we teach them. So I challenge you all to do the same and if you have someone personally in mind that`s even better, but if not, I`m sure the missionaries will be more than happy to take them too.
Love you all,
Hermana Marvian



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