A Cool Week

November 23, 2015

Buenos Tardes,

This week as been super awesome and I don`t really know where to start. This past Tuesday we were able to have a multizone conference for the missionaries with our mission president(there`s been alot of conferences these last couple of weeks) and it like always was really inspiring. We went over alot of the things that we talked about in our leadership meeting that we had in Posadas that I mentioned before, such as becoming better teachers and following the spirit. But we also talked alot about faith and working through faith both through our prayers and our actions. President LaPierre talked about how apart from all the prayers that we say throughout the day in our lessons, studies, and nightly prayers, that we should take time each day to really ´wrestle in the spirit` like Alma in the scriptures for our investigators and how that this is also the secret to charity and that some of our most powerful experiences with prayer will come when we are praying for those we love. So he challenged us to do this each day and take some time to be alone and pray out loud, so I`ve been trying to do that lately and it`s been super cool. And as I`ve improved my prayers and really tried to forget about other things, I`ve felt the spirit really strongly this week and my companion and I have had some really good experiences with our investigators and my testimony has been strengthened this week.

Over the last couple of weeks we`ve been trying to get the members more excited about missionary work and we have one sister in the branch that we challenged to give out articles of faith cards for three weeks at her work. So she accepted the challenge and even went further the second week and told us that she had someone that she wanted to give a Book of Mormon to and that we should go visit afterwards. So we gave her a Book of Mormon and we came back two days later to see how it went and she told us that she actually gave it to someone else and needed a second one to give to her original reference. So, we were super excited for her and this Sunday she brought a 15yrs. girl who lives next store to her to church which turned out to be a super cool experience and we are going back to teach her this week with Sister Vera to start teaching her the missionary lessons and hopefully make contact with the other reference this week as well.

Also, a second cool experience is that we`ve started to visit this less active family who`s parents aren`t members but all the kids are and we talked to one of the kids who`s 20 who is living in the house with her boyfriend and they are waiting to have their first baby in a couple of months. So, we started talking to them and the boyfriend Rodrigo isn`t a member but was super interested in our message and it turns out that he`s been looking for awhile for a church to join but just hasn`t fellt satisfied with any of them yet, so we taught him twice this week and the second time he told us that he likes the message alot and that we are welcome to come over and teach them every day if we want because it`s super interesting and he feels like he needs to learn more. Plus, the two of them came to church yesturday and they were so cute:) So hopefully they can progress together, but they`ll have to get married first so it might be awhile but I`m sure it will work out.

Other than that we did Divisions with Hermana Nilson and Hermana Loazia this week too which was a good experience. I worked with Hermana Loazia in my area and my companion was with Hermana Nilson in Puerto Rico a couple hours away. The whole day we ended up contacting because all of our appointments fell through and nobody wanted to let us in….but, it was still a good learning experience for both of us and Hermana Loazia is a new missionary that just started this transfer so it was fun helping her out and seeing how she`s been doing. Plus, she`s only been a member for two years and has a pretty crazy conversion story and it`s pretty awesome that she decided to come on a mission.

So, this is kinda a long email, but what else happened? Well, the random facts for the week are that I`ve now killed a total of 11 Scorpians in our pension, although we`ve gotten some repellent stuff that`s worked out and I don`t think it will be that much of a problem in the future. Also, the power in Iguazu goes out alot here and so the other day we were proselyting around 8:30 or so and all the power in town went out so we ended up having to go back home early that night because we aren`t allowed to walk around in the dark with no street lights. Also, I didn`t mention that when we were having our meeting with President LaPierre Tuesday in the church, right in the middle of the meeting there was this random chicken that walked into the cultural hall and we had to stop the meeting so that the Elders could catch the chicken and throw it out the window. Haha, it was pretty funny. And lastly, yesturday there was national voting going on in Argentina so Saturday night we received a message from our Mission President saying that on Sunday we were to go to church and then afterwards go straight back to the pension and stay there all day and not leave to go proselyting. So, we had and extra six hours to work on catching up on paperwork for our investigators in our area book and work on a service project that we are doing for the members which was nice, although I was sad that we couldn`t go teach and it`s kinda torcher to make a missionary stay inside all day, haha, but it was good. So, yep that was my fun crazy spiritual week for you all. Oh, and the missionary challenge for this week is to share your favorite scripture on your social media sites this week:)

Love you all,

Hermana Marvian


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