Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, Nov 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope that everybody had a good weekended and were able to enjoy fun with the family. My companion andI tried to have our own little Thanksgiving by making some chocolate and pumpkin pie which only kinda turned out, but it was fun. We also decided to make hand turkeys with Thank you notes for the members in the branch which they liked, but they didn`t understand the whole turkey-hand combination at all….haha, but that`s ok.
So this week we`ve had some really good experiences with our investigators and less-actives. We are still working with Juana who is a less-active member of 5 years and her boyfriend Rodrigo who I mentioned both came to church last week. So this week we`ve been working with them more and Rodrigo accepted to get baptized and they both came to church again which we were super excited about. However, they still need to get married and we had a lesson with them on that and Rodrigo is super excited about it but Juana has alot of doubts, so we`ll see what happens but we`re trying really hard to motivate them so I guess we`ll see how it goes.
We`ve also been working alot more with Precila(15yrs.) and her sister Romina(28yrs.) and also started teaching two more of their siblings this week. So, Precila and Romina also accepted to get baptized this week, although they slept in and didn`t make it to church again this week:( So, we will be praying super hard to get them to come this next week. Also, we had an interesting experience working with our less-active Sister Souza from Brazil again this week. The thing that`s been a bit difficult is that she doesn`t know how to read at all which makes it kinda hard to help her gain her own testimony. So my companion and I came up with this crazy idea to teach this lady how to read using the Book of Mormon. So if two girls from the States who didn`t even know spanish a year ago can teach a portugesse woman who only speaks portugesse how to read in spanish, then if that`s not a miracle then I don`t know what is…..and let me tell you it hasn`t been super easy but we`ve been praying super hard that God will help her to remember the letters and basic stuff we are teaching her, and little by little she`s learning! The last time we went over there was actually on Thanksgiving and we just had this great lesson teaching her the letters and then reading a chapter of the Book of Mormon to her and teaching her a little bit of the doctrine as well and the spirit was so strong and she begain to cry.
Other than that, we`ve enjoyed working with the people we have, but we`ve also been rejected alot this week as well. I guess the bitter always comes with the sweet. But still, it was worth it. Plus, a gir in our branch Jasmin, left on her mission this week and the branch through her a going away party at the church and it was so nice to see everyone come together to support her. She`s so awesome! She`s going to make the best missionary ever down in Uruguay:)
But anyway, that was a little bit of my week and here are a few pictures that I was finally able to send! Oh, and the missionary challenge this week is to have a family home evening activity and invite a friend to join you and your family:) It will be lots of fun.
Thanks so much,
Hermana Marvian 

​Here is a picture of when we were invited over to Jasmin`s house for lunch with her mom and friends to say goodbye before she left for the missionOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


​And this Hermana Wilson and I finishing up some good exercises in the morning. We`ve been trying to go running in the mornings and it`s been fun….when we actually are willing to get up early and go do it:)




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