1 Year in the Mission!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hey Everyone,

So I`m writing everybody on Wednesday because I had a meeting up in Posadas again for the last two days, but yep I`m still living. This week has been pretty good, still working with alot of the same investigators that I`ve mentioned in my last couple of emails and they are slowly coming along. This last Saturday night we were able to do an awesome church tour with Romina and her brother Fabio which turned out to be a super cool spiritual experience. It made it better that the Branch President happened to be there preparing for the Christmas Devotional and so they were able to meet him, who happens to know Fabio from his work which just made it even better and as we did the tour there was last years devotional music playing all throughout the background which the tour. So it was pretty cool, but they didn`t end up coming to church the next day at it was pretty sad. I just love their family so much and it`s kind of a miracle that they even want to talk to us because they`ve suffered alot of opposition. In fact, the other day we were visiting them when some of their neighbors came by and kindof interrupted us ending the lesson which was fine, but when we came back a couple days later they told us that after we left, these super Evangelic neighbors left and came back with their pastor who told them that they were talking with false prophets and that he was going to clean them and purify them from us……well it`s not the first time that we`ve had pastors come and tell us to not talk to us and that we are evil, but that was kindof intense. But luckily Romina told them that she liked talking to us and felt that we were good and basically didn`t care what they said, but that we were welcome in her home….so, guess we just keep moving forward then.

Anyway, in other news, I completed 1 year in the mission this past week. Woohoo! To celebrate we happened to walk past this bakery and I saw this awesome cheesecake for the first time in Argentina so I got super excited and we bought it to celebrate, although it wasn`t as good as the ones from the States, but it was still good. Also, yesturday as I mentioned I was in Posadas for a meeting with our mission president and other missionary leaders and we had a skype call with Elder Sales from the quorom of the Seventy were we talked alot about Faith and what we could do to make the mission better. It was really inspiring but also a call that we needed to be better. He told us that the mission wouldn`t improve based on any leaders from our branches or wards but on the quality of leaders that we are and the faith that we have. He told us that we needed to be more faithful and help other missionaries have more faith and that we would begin to see alot more miracles in the mission. He said that God works by faith but that he can`t override our free will so we first have to exercise our own faith and then God will begin to perform more miracles with that faith that we have in him. So, this week my companion and I are putting the goal to really exercise more faith in our area and see what happens. So I`ll let you guys know.


Hermana Marvian

P.S. The computers here always have problems so I can`t really uploade pictures again:( Oh, and the missionary challenge for this week is to share the Christmas video the church made with someone this week. It`s great!Christmas.Mormon.org


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