Feliz Navidad

Monday, Dec 21 2015

Merry Christmas Everybody!

This week is going to be super great! I`m really excited for my first Christmas in Argentina! We`ve got alot of fun plans for this week and I`m sure I`ll tell you all about them next week, but as for this past week it`s been one full of lots of fun miracles.

Last Tuesday we were praying about where we should go to find someone who was ready to hear about the gospel and my companion said she was thinking about a part of our area that was far away so we don`t visit over there very much, but we decided to give it a shot. And well, it started out rough, nobody wanted to talk to us and not even anyone in the street would give us the time of day, it seemed to actually be a little odd…but we kept the faith that there was sombody that we needed to find over there and then while contacting at last we found a really cool family from Columbia who just moved here 5 months ago for work. We were able to share a message with them and give them a Book of Mormon which they happily accepted and we are hoping to come back this week to see how their reading went. So hopefully it will be good.

Also, there are two sisters who have decided to serve missions and start their papers so they have been super excited to come out with us lately. And so on Wednesday we went out with them to go visit a reference that they had for us,the Jara Family. The sisters had given them a handout card for Christmas that we had given them and they wanted us to stop by with them to visit this family some more. So we had an excellent lesson with them and they were super nice. The family are 7th day adventists which is a popular church group here and they are super great people. Although usually they have a hard time accepting the Book of Mormon as the word of God, but luckily the father of Sister Jara took the missionary lessons many years ago and had good experiences so that lead this Sister to being more openned to the message. So we are going back tonight with the other members to share more with them. How cool is that?

Then on Thursday we were able to go to Eldorado for our Zone Christmas Party with President and Sister LaPierre. We had a nice dinner, talked about the Savior, and were visited by´Santa´ as well. It was really nice being with President and the other missionaries to celebrate the best event ever, the Savior`s birth.

As for other miracles, Rodrigo came to church this week as well as Fabio, and another women who`s family of a less-active that we are visiting. But the real miracle of the three was Fabio. I mentioned before about this family that we`ve been teaching, Romina, Precila, and Fabio who are three of 9 siblilings in this awesome family. So we`ve been teaching them for awhile and having success despite lots of opposition when last week we had a lesson and it didn`t go so well. It was with Precila and Fabio and they kind of back tracked and Precila basically said that she stopped reading the Book of Mormon and was happy with her other church, etc…..long story short it was sad and when we left we went down and I cried a little…I just love them sooo much….but we felt prompted to go back and when we went back we talked to them again and it went well, super spiritual experience in fact and my companion and I testified so strong and now Precila is back on board and Fabio came to church! Well, I guess we will just keep praying alot for them. Everytime we teach them, I feel as though I`ve known them forever.

Lastly, yesturday night the city had a big event where thousands of people were walking up to the triple frontera where Paragauy, Brazil, and Argentina meet to watch a firework show, so we decided to get together with the Elders and several members to set up a table and pass out pamphlets and right down references as people walked by. It turned out to be a super great success and we talked to lots of people, got lots of references to go back to, and the members had fun doing it with us.

So this week has been a really great one and as I mentioned before, we are trying really hard to work with the principle of FAITH! If we put our trust in God and believe that he can do miracles with his children and in this work, then it will happen. If we BELIEVE that it will happen, then God has the powere to make it happen through our faith. So, I invite everyone to try and be a little more faithful this week and remember who we should  put our trust in. I know that over 2,000 years ago our Savior was born and through his example and through his sacrifice we have the power to make changes in our lives, receive strength, and return to live with God and our families. I know that this work is real, and that God really is mindful of everyone of his children. I love you all, and wish you all a great Christmas!

Feliz Navidad,

Hermana MarvianIMG_0340

​A picture with Sister Montenegro and Hermana Wilson and I in their house. Sister Montenegro is the best!


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