Awesome Christmas

Monday, Dec 28th, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been a blast, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as I did:) Christmas in the mission is super great, while we may not be with friends and family, we are here serving and loving people the way Christ did, and what better way then to spend Christmas then that? What better gift to give to Christ?

Here, the biggest celebration is Christmas Eve which is characterized by family gatherings, big barbacues and lots of fireworks and firecrackers at mid-night. That, and of course alot of partying and drinking as well….But, for our Christmas eve the Elders had the idea to go to the hospital, so the four of us went to the hospital Thursday morning and sung christmas hymns, said prayers, and shared scriptures with lots of different patients and the hospital. It was such a cool experience to go there and bring a little Christmas spirit to the people that were having a difficult time there…it was definitely my favorite part of Christmas. Then, later that afternoon we went Christmas caroling in the streets to making contacting more fun and we ended up finding several new investigators to teach that we hope to go back to in the next several days. Lastly, we were able to have dinner with a member and spend time with her and her family and watch 17 miracles. It was pretty cool, and the next day for Christmas was our P-Day and we went and had lunch with the Cabrera Family who are amazing and spent some time with them. We also went by and decided to visit one of our less-actives who is super poor and was a little sad about Christmas, so we decided to go by and cheer her up and spend some time with her as well. Oh, and at tripple fronteras, (where Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina meet) we went and saw a cool little show of waterfountins that play to different music for several minutes. It`s something they do everynight, but Christmas is the only time we still have P-day in the night time so we were able to go and it was fun. Yep, it was all good.
Now, it`s time to start thinking about some fun New Years Resolutions! Woohoo, hhmmmm…. I don`t have mine yet, but I guess we will see.
But anyway, not much more to tell this week. We`ve found lots of cool people this week, and we`ve also lost some good people this week which was super sad:( But, I guess we still keep going. But the best part was that Rodrigo came to church this Sunday again and he`s pretty much all ready to get baptized if he would just get married already. He`s super excited to get baptized and really does want to get married as well,but there are still several complications…..I guess I`ll just keep praying.
Love you all,
Hermana Marvian
​This is me with the Elders and the Cabrera Family on Christmas day….my companion is taking the picture, so she didn`t quite make it…..
Here is a picture with the Brazilian less-active family that we went by and visited. We are teaching Sister Souza how to read!

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