Hospital Miracles

Tuesday,  January 12, 2016


Hope everyone had a fun filled week this week. I`ve sure had an interesting one….
This week we weren`t able to work that much in our area. We were in Posadas again Monday and Tuesday for our monthly meeting where we are still talking more about our mission culture and how we can make the mission better and inspire the other missionaries so that we can see lots of miracles happen. It was a great meeting like always:) Unfortunatly this Thursday I got really sick and I went to the doctor on Friday and I have to be on bed rest for a good week….I don`t know which has been more difficult, being super sick, or not being able to work for such a long time:( But I`m feeling a bit better today so hopefully I`ll be able to start working again within the next couple of days.
But, my cool spiritual experience to go along with my week was in my trip to the hospital. I tried calling one of the few members that has a car to come pick us up because I was to weak to walk to the hospital but she wasn`t able to take us and told us to call a taxi. However, we didn`t have a number for a taxi close by so we decided to say a quick prayer that somehow a taxi would come by to pick us up and then we left the house and started walking out down the street. About a minute after our prayer a taxi did come by but it was already full and drove right passed us and so we weren`t sure what we were going to do and we kept praying and then luckily the taxi decided to come back, still with it`s passangers and asked us where we were going because he was worried and said that we looked like we needed help and when we told him, they all agreed to let us squish in with them and they took us to the hospital for free. It was a cool answer to our prayers and we where even able to share a little bit of our testimonies with them as well. Then, while we were waiting our turn at the hospital to be seen by the doctor, this older lady came up to us super happy to have found the mormon missionaries. She told us that she was a member that lived close by but that she hasn`t been to church in many years but that she wanted to come back and that she was currently in the hospital visiting her husband who is sick with cancer. So, she asked us that as soon as we were done seeing the doctor if we could go up and say a prayer for him next to his bedside. So we went and said a prayer for him and then she introduced us to some of her children and their spouses and we ended up sitting outside the hospital answering their questions and teaching a lesson to them….I guess God always has someone for us to teach and testify to, even when we areselves are dying in the hospital…haha, just kidding I`ll be fine. But it was actually a really cool spiritual experience.
Until next time,
Hermana Marvian

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