Monday, January 18, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, this week I´m healed! Woohoo, this past Thursday I started working a bit and by Friday I was able to work all day again. So, now I´m just trying to make up for  lost time in our area although the last couple days have been pretty difficult. I figured that we would just go back out and change the world over night, but instead we´ve been tested alot these last couple of days and have faced alot of rejection….I feel like we´ve been rejected more in the last couple of days then we have in the last three months, but I guess that´s just how it goes….the real test is to see if we can go back out and do the work happily knowing that success will come as it surely will. But, if nothing else, then at least I can be grateful for my health:) Yeah!
Anyway, besides that we were able to do divisions with Hermana Fox and Hermana Lopez on Friday where we brought them both into our area and did double divisions in our area which was kinda fun. Usually one of us goes to their area as well but our mission president wants us to try something new and have us try to perfect our areas and then use the example to help the other girls, so, our area was kinda neglected for awhile, but we figured that we´d still try to make it work and create a good experience for the other girls and I think it went well and it was fun. It´s always a great experience to do divisions and see how other missionaries work and learn from their different ideas. Plus, Hermana Fox and Hermana Lopez are super awesome so it was great. Hopefully this next week we will be doing more divisions with Hermana Nilson and Hermana Loaiza and we can make it work as well. There sure is alot to do this next week and I´m excited to have a full new week to work and see lots of new miracles. Plus, this is the last week of my companion before she goes home:( So, we are trying to make the best of it and work super hard this week. Should be lots of fun, but it´s sad as well:(
Anyway, hope everyone has a good week and is able to see lots of miracles in their own lives. I know that God lives and that he loves his children:)
Hermana Marvian

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