Lots of Travels

Monday, February 29, 2016

Saludos a Todos,

This week has passed by super quick and has been a week full of mini adventures. We spent Monday and Tuesday in Posadas for a meeting where we were able to talk alot about the importance of the repentance process. The area presidency wants us to be really focused in on helping people understand the atonement process in their lives and how we can and need to repent and make changes in our lives. It`s actually been something we`ve been talking about for awhile now, but it was still super good and my companion and I are trying to focus more in on that as we meet and teach new people, and we`ve had some really good experiences with it.
Then, on Wednesday, we were able to listen to a broadcast by Elder Bednar who came to talk to the missionaries in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruaguay, and Chile. It was about three hours of super inspiring words mostly explaining the importance of the spirit in our lessons with people and the importance of helping people feel the spirit in a type of way that gives them the chance to act upon the things that they are learning. I really liked it alot, especially in the way how we can use questions to really bring the spirit and help people apply what they are learning to themselves. It`s great to explain and teach, but when we ask the right questions that make people reflect and ponder, then that`s when the spirit is able to testify to people`s hearts who is the real teacher anyway. So, hopefully as my companion and I focus in on repentance and use good questions to invite the spirit, we will be able to be better teachers and help more people make and keep their commitements.
Other than that, like I said we did alot of traveling this week, so Thursday morning we went to San Vicente which is about a 5 hour bus ride to go over and do divisions with a couple of the sisters, Hermana Cardenes(Mexico) and Hermana Aquino(Argentina). There area has been really hard for them so we went over there to go contacting with them and help them find some new investigators to go teach. It was fun and we were able to find a couple of interesting families while we were there, so hopefully it will turn out good.
Also, good news and bad news…..the bad news is that Soledad didn`t get baptized this weekend, but the good news is that she`ll still probably get  baptized this next week….let`s just say we had to change some stuff around with her family, so we decided to push the baptisim off a week. So, hopefully this next Saturday will be the one:)
Other than that, remember how I was pretty sick for awhile? Well, now Hermana Dempsey got the same thing yesturday and so we are probably going to be hanging out in the pension for the next several days:( Oh, the fun of mission life. Hopefully she will be able to feel a bit better soon.
Oh, also, cool story. A week ago we met this guy named Macelo who we met while teaching his neighbors actually. He just happened to be sitting in the background while we were teaching, but even though we weren`t teaching him directly, my companion and I could tell that he looked super interested. So, after the lesson we asked if we could teach him at his house some time and he accepted. Then, we went and visited him once or twice and invited him to churchthis Sunday and he came. And what was cooler was that during our gospel principles class which my companion and I teach, we were talking about prayer and we asked if anyone had any experiences and he decided to share and tell us that the week before we met him he had been praying really hard, for what I don`t know, but he said that afterwards that is when we showed up in his life and that he feels as though we are an answer to his prayer…it was pretty cool. It`s really cool how God prepares people for the gospel and answers their prayers.
Thanks Everyone,
Hermana Marvian


Monday, February 22, 2016

Queridos Amigos y familia,

So, the cool news for this week is that we`ve been working more with the women named Soledad this past week and although it`s been quite crazy, we`ve been able to teach her alot and help prepare her for baptisim and this past Saturdayshe passed her baptisimal interview. Woohoo, so, as long as everything goes well we might be having a baptisim this next Saturday. I`m super excited for her, she`s so awesome and her little two year old son is just the cutiest, even if he always runs around like crazy when we`re trying to teach:)haha.
Also, this week we were able to do divisions with the Sisters from Eldorado, Hermana Lopez(Argentina) and her newbie companion Hermana Quechua(Peru). It went super well and I was able to show Hermana Quechua around our area and work together with her. I think I`ve said it before, but I always love working with new missionaries and seeing the passion that they have for the gospel. Plus, Hermana Quechua really knows how to testify to people and bring the spirit and I learned alot from her. Divisions are always a great experience.
Other than that, this week has been a bit challenging. My companion and I have been working hard at always looking and searching for new people and families to teach and this week we`ve had some really good lessons. But, it`s also been a little bit of struggle with this thing called agency…..it`s a blessing and a curse:) Haha, but it`s true. We have a couple of investigators that we`ve been working with for awhile now who are really having a hard time keeping their commitments and really making those last steps to really progress. So, hopefully this next week we will see a little more success with them.
But anyway, I`m looking forward to this next week. We`ve got quite a bit going on this next week so I`ll give a full account next week.
Best of Luck,
Hermana Marvian

Fun Week in the Sun

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hola, Buenos Tardes,

Hey Everyone, another week down here in Argentina come and gone and let me tell you, it has gotten really really hot. I`m sweating off pounds by the second. But it`s been good. We`ve had another pretty good week. We found a cool family this week, the Flores family who is a husband and wife and their three kids. We were able to have a couple lessons and focus in alot on the plan of salvation and the atonement and it was pretty cool. The couple is struggling a bit and they were happy to let us in and teach them to bring peace into their home. Hopefully we will be able to work with them a bit more and see some cool miracles.

We`ve also still been working with a couple of investigators who are working on preparing for their baptisims. We have Soledad who has a baptismal date for the end of this month and it seems like it`s still going to happen although she didn`t make it to church this past week:( That was kind of sad, but we had a super spiritual lesson with her yesturday night and I`m really excited for her. This week we also were able to talk to Noemi`s father to ask for permission to baptize her as well at the end of this month, and he gave us permission to keep teaching her and working with her but he doesn`t want her getting baptized without really showing that she plans on sticking with it…..which is a good way of looking at it, but at the same time it could just be an excuse, but we`ll see. But that`s ok for now because my companion and I feel like we need to work with her a bit more before she`ll be quite ready to get baptized. Thirdly, we have Rodrigo who I`ve mentioned alot before. His update is that we`ve been able to teach him alot more this week and he`s just so great and understands everything that we teach really well, but he won`t pray to know if the things we have taught him are true….he says that he already believes so there is no point in asking, but if he doesn`t pray and ask, he`ll never get that spiritual confirmation that it is true, so…hopefully this week we can help him out with that.
Other than that, we did divisions with the sisters from Puerto Rico this week in our area. With hermana Loaiza(Costa Rica) and hermana Johnson(Idaho) and it was alot of fun. I always love doing divisions with other missionaries to get new ideas and to learn new things.
And….to finish it off, today my companion and I decided to go be tourists and find more fun things to do around Iguazu. Today, we went and saw some small exhibit of alegators, snakes, etc. Plus, this super cool room with lots of really pretty butterflies all around. It was lots of fun.
Yep, just another week in the mission. Finding new people to teach, helping others make new habits and change old ones, sweating, laughing, crying….yep, always a bit of everything:)
Hermana Marvian
Here`s my companion and I at the place we went and visited today!
Here is a picture of me, Hermana Johnsone, Hermana Loaiza, and Hermana Dempsey in our pension during divisions!
​We heart-attacked one of the member`s doors for valentine`s day. Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Good Afternoon!

So, this week has been super awesome. It`s been a week of lots of mini-miracles. Mainly in old investigators becoming new investigators again. I`m not sure if I talked about before this great Columbian family that we were teaching around christmas time, but we had started teaching them for awhile when we got a message one day saying that they had to cancel our appointment because of work and family things but that they would let us know when we could come by and visit again. So, we sadly took that as a nice way to say don`t come back….But, last week they sent us a message asking us if we would be willing to come back and start teaching them again. So, we did and it went super well. Then, if one wasn`t enough, a couple days after that another old investigator from a couple of months ago also sent us a message asking us to stop by as well…..I`ve never had old investigators invite themselves to be taught again before.
Plus, this week the lady Soledad that has been coming to church has accepted baptisim for the end of this month, along with another girl named Noemi that we are teaching. Plus, the parents of a part-member family that we are working with, the Barreto Family(kids are members but they aren`t), expressed interest in coming to church again(they had taken lessons a long time ago but never ended up getting baptized) which was also a nice surprise. Plus, yesturday, we were walking home and this guard that was directing traffic ran after us and told us that he wanted to talk to us. He asked us if we were the Mormon missionaries and then told us that his brother was a member and that he was taking missionary lessons 6 years ago and that he wanted us to come by and start teaching him and his wife. So, we went over to his house and found out that he is actually a member who hasn`t been to church in years and his wife isn`t a member, so we are going to work on teaching her and helping him come back to church…..It`s just been a week were all the prepared people are finding us instead of us finding them:) How cool is that?
So, yep we`ve been seeing alot of miracles as we`ve been trying to exercise more faith and I`m excited to keep seeing what God has in store for this area. This week we`ve had lots of difficulties as well, but it`s been fun as we`ve watched miracles, as I`ve helped my new companion get used to the area, and as we`ve learned and grown in the process.
Hope everyone has an awesome week!
Hermana Marvian
​Here`s a picture with Hermana Dempsey…We`re kindof hot and sweaty but I didn`t take alot of pictures this week. Haha…..



Week of Lots of Travels

Monday, February 1, 2016

Well, this week has been quite an adventure…lots of traveling….

Like I mentioned last week, I was able to say good bye to my companion on Monday and then I was able to head up to Corpus and work there for a couple of days. It was pretty fun working with Hermana Ehlert in her area and being able to have some fun together and learn alot from each other. We had some super cool lessons over there and it gave me a little bit of extra excitement that I needed to go back to my own area an work hard. But now I`m back! And I`m excited…as much as it was a great experience, it was nice getting my new companion and getting back to my own area again. So like I said my new companion`s name is Hermana Dempsey and she is from Lousiana like I thought. She has almost as much time as I do in the mission and she`s super cool. I`m hoping that we will work together well and be able to see lots of cool miracles.
Over the last couple of days I`ve just been showing my comapnion around and introducing her to some of our cool investigators that we`ve been working with. Hopefully if all goes well we can help a couple of them get baptized in the next couple of weeks. One of those cool investigators being Hermana Soledad that I mentioned last week. She came to church again this last week and I was super surprised because a couple of days ago she hurt herself at work and hurt her foot really bad and could barely walk. But, although limping the whole way, she and her little two year old son made their way to church again yesturday! I was pretty impressed.
Other than that I was able to have another interview with my mission president the other day and it was great as always. I always appreciate those moments and this one was pretty good. We mostly talked about different impressions that we had with the conference last week and also alot about my zone and how everything has been doing. It was pretty cool and I`m really looking forward to this next transfer, especially in working through the Faith which has been a big theme over the last couple of months. God has lots of miracles that he wants to show us, but he can only do miracles acording to the faith which we show in him, so hopefully we as missionaries can work on that faith thing and see lots of awesome miracles…because missionary work is way more fun when we start to recognize the Lord`s hand in all things and trust that as we do his will, we will be powerful instruments in his hands. This is true for life in general I think:)
Hope everyone has a good week! Best of Luck!
Hermana Marvian