Week of Lots of Travels

Monday, February 1, 2016

Well, this week has been quite an adventure…lots of traveling….

Like I mentioned last week, I was able to say good bye to my companion on Monday and then I was able to head up to Corpus and work there for a couple of days. It was pretty fun working with Hermana Ehlert in her area and being able to have some fun together and learn alot from each other. We had some super cool lessons over there and it gave me a little bit of extra excitement that I needed to go back to my own area an work hard. But now I`m back! And I`m excited…as much as it was a great experience, it was nice getting my new companion and getting back to my own area again. So like I said my new companion`s name is Hermana Dempsey and she is from Lousiana like I thought. She has almost as much time as I do in the mission and she`s super cool. I`m hoping that we will work together well and be able to see lots of cool miracles.
Over the last couple of days I`ve just been showing my comapnion around and introducing her to some of our cool investigators that we`ve been working with. Hopefully if all goes well we can help a couple of them get baptized in the next couple of weeks. One of those cool investigators being Hermana Soledad that I mentioned last week. She came to church again this last week and I was super surprised because a couple of days ago she hurt herself at work and hurt her foot really bad and could barely walk. But, although limping the whole way, she and her little two year old son made their way to church again yesturday! I was pretty impressed.
Other than that I was able to have another interview with my mission president the other day and it was great as always. I always appreciate those moments and this one was pretty good. We mostly talked about different impressions that we had with the conference last week and also alot about my zone and how everything has been doing. It was pretty cool and I`m really looking forward to this next transfer, especially in working through the Faith which has been a big theme over the last couple of months. God has lots of miracles that he wants to show us, but he can only do miracles acording to the faith which we show in him, so hopefully we as missionaries can work on that faith thing and see lots of awesome miracles…because missionary work is way more fun when we start to recognize the Lord`s hand in all things and trust that as we do his will, we will be powerful instruments in his hands. This is true for life in general I think:)
Hope everyone has a good week! Best of Luck!
Hermana Marvian

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