Monday, February 8, 2016

Good Afternoon!

So, this week has been super awesome. It`s been a week of lots of mini-miracles. Mainly in old investigators becoming new investigators again. I`m not sure if I talked about before this great Columbian family that we were teaching around christmas time, but we had started teaching them for awhile when we got a message one day saying that they had to cancel our appointment because of work and family things but that they would let us know when we could come by and visit again. So, we sadly took that as a nice way to say don`t come back….But, last week they sent us a message asking us if we would be willing to come back and start teaching them again. So, we did and it went super well. Then, if one wasn`t enough, a couple days after that another old investigator from a couple of months ago also sent us a message asking us to stop by as well…..I`ve never had old investigators invite themselves to be taught again before.
Plus, this week the lady Soledad that has been coming to church has accepted baptisim for the end of this month, along with another girl named Noemi that we are teaching. Plus, the parents of a part-member family that we are working with, the Barreto Family(kids are members but they aren`t), expressed interest in coming to church again(they had taken lessons a long time ago but never ended up getting baptized) which was also a nice surprise. Plus, yesturday, we were walking home and this guard that was directing traffic ran after us and told us that he wanted to talk to us. He asked us if we were the Mormon missionaries and then told us that his brother was a member and that he was taking missionary lessons 6 years ago and that he wanted us to come by and start teaching him and his wife. So, we went over to his house and found out that he is actually a member who hasn`t been to church in years and his wife isn`t a member, so we are going to work on teaching her and helping him come back to church…..It`s just been a week were all the prepared people are finding us instead of us finding them:) How cool is that?
So, yep we`ve been seeing alot of miracles as we`ve been trying to exercise more faith and I`m excited to keep seeing what God has in store for this area. This week we`ve had lots of difficulties as well, but it`s been fun as we`ve watched miracles, as I`ve helped my new companion get used to the area, and as we`ve learned and grown in the process.
Hope everyone has an awesome week!
Hermana Marvian
​Here`s a picture with Hermana Dempsey…We`re kindof hot and sweaty but I didn`t take alot of pictures this week. Haha…..




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