Fun Week in the Sun

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hola, Buenos Tardes,

Hey Everyone, another week down here in Argentina come and gone and let me tell you, it has gotten really really hot. I`m sweating off pounds by the second. But it`s been good. We`ve had another pretty good week. We found a cool family this week, the Flores family who is a husband and wife and their three kids. We were able to have a couple lessons and focus in alot on the plan of salvation and the atonement and it was pretty cool. The couple is struggling a bit and they were happy to let us in and teach them to bring peace into their home. Hopefully we will be able to work with them a bit more and see some cool miracles.

We`ve also still been working with a couple of investigators who are working on preparing for their baptisims. We have Soledad who has a baptismal date for the end of this month and it seems like it`s still going to happen although she didn`t make it to church this past week:( That was kind of sad, but we had a super spiritual lesson with her yesturday night and I`m really excited for her. This week we also were able to talk to Noemi`s father to ask for permission to baptize her as well at the end of this month, and he gave us permission to keep teaching her and working with her but he doesn`t want her getting baptized without really showing that she plans on sticking with it…..which is a good way of looking at it, but at the same time it could just be an excuse, but we`ll see. But that`s ok for now because my companion and I feel like we need to work with her a bit more before she`ll be quite ready to get baptized. Thirdly, we have Rodrigo who I`ve mentioned alot before. His update is that we`ve been able to teach him alot more this week and he`s just so great and understands everything that we teach really well, but he won`t pray to know if the things we have taught him are true….he says that he already believes so there is no point in asking, but if he doesn`t pray and ask, he`ll never get that spiritual confirmation that it is true, so…hopefully this week we can help him out with that.
Other than that, we did divisions with the sisters from Puerto Rico this week in our area. With hermana Loaiza(Costa Rica) and hermana Johnson(Idaho) and it was alot of fun. I always love doing divisions with other missionaries to get new ideas and to learn new things.
And….to finish it off, today my companion and I decided to go be tourists and find more fun things to do around Iguazu. Today, we went and saw some small exhibit of alegators, snakes, etc. Plus, this super cool room with lots of really pretty butterflies all around. It was lots of fun.
Yep, just another week in the mission. Finding new people to teach, helping others make new habits and change old ones, sweating, laughing, crying….yep, always a bit of everything:)
Hermana Marvian
Here`s my companion and I at the place we went and visited today!
Here is a picture of me, Hermana Johnsone, Hermana Loaiza, and Hermana Dempsey in our pension during divisions!
​We heart-attacked one of the member`s doors for valentine`s day. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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